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Randall, June 10,  2021  10:00pm EST

Chance of Stroke/Heart disease if HBP is controlled by medication

I see everywhere that a major risk factor of stroke and heart disease is HBP.  If you control the HBP with medication (losartan 50, Amlodipine 10 in my case) are you then at the same risk as people who do not have HBP?

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, June 11,  2021  9:59am EST

    Hi there!

    Thank you for joining the support network. I hope that you find the answers that you are looking for. I am not a medical professional but I can provide you with this resource on How High Blood Pressure Can Lead to Heart Failure.

    Keep us updated if you speak with your doctor and find out the answer!


    AHA Moderator

  • Mimbulus
    Mimbulus, June 13,  2021  3:36am EST

    High Blood Pressure is a well known risk factor for stroke, heart failure and myocardial ischemia. While managing your blood pressure is crucial to prevent stroke, that does not mean your chances of developing one is zero as many factors other than blood pressure such as irregular heart rhythms, high cholesterol levels, smoking, age, obesity, diabetes and a family history are also equally important risk factors for stroke. Many studies are ongoing to properly assess the significance of managing these risk factors in preventing stroke. If you wish to participate in such studies, there are free services such as http://centrial.org that can help you find clinical studies being conducted near you. 

    Sony Sherpa, MD

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