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Wardjimmy44, May 25,  2020  1:08am EST

Caronavirus surviving statistics

Hello I am interested in the fact that just like me there so many Americans with Hbp. If you **** positive can you survive the treatment. I know about how to prevent youraelf from being at risk but once you have systems can you survive. Just a General question.

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, May 25,  2020  10:13am EST

    Good morning, we have a great deal of information regarding COVID19 that I can share with you.  Please let me know if this is helpful for you, Best Katie

  • BringItDown
    BringItDown, May 27,  2020  6:05pm EST


    I can only offer my opinion based on my own experiences with HBP and the virus: I believe most people can survive...and looking at the worldwide numbers, that rings true.

    For me, the coronavirus pressure-tested my lungs, heart, kidneys.  It probably affected hormone production, as well, as it took a few weeks to get back to a decent night's sleep.  I will state that if I didn't have my lisinopril, blood pressure monitor, space heater, the smarts to perform deep breathing exercises when I needed....and a good friend to talk to....I would not be here today.  You have to listen to what your body is telling you with its sensations and react appropriately.  Head pressure: check your BP and have your BP meds ready.  Heavy lungs/heavy breathing-wheezing: mucus build up - ease of fluid intake a little and have some Mucinex DM handy.  You have to be mentally and physically prepared to yo-yoing between feeling good and feeling like **** -- for days or weeks.  You have to be prepared for skyrocketing blood pressure (over 200 SYS, 130 DIA for me).

    Although I tested negative for the coronavirus weeks ago, I am in my own personal therapy now as I still have mucus build up.  I monitor my fluid intake, work up a sweat exercising and take Mucinex DM to keep things in check.  A benefit of beating the virus is my BP is at or slight below normal almost all the time.  Physically, I am good -- still a work in progress, but good compared to the hell I went through.  The "new" body normal I am calling this.  Mentally, though, I still haven't grasped the feat I just completed.  With no health insurance and scrappy work, I survived when others didn't....in hospitals even!  Part of me is happy I am here to tell the tale, another part of me is guilty.

    So, can you survive the coronavirus with HBP: yes.

  • arogya
    arogya, May 28,  2020  12:43pm EST

    @Bringitdown, Thank you sharing your success, and sure is reassuring to many. Never be guilty to survive, its what we all owe ourselves, as long as its not at someone's expense.


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