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AlyAHA, April 24,  2020  6:50pm EST

Call 9-1-1

Emergencies don’t stop for COVID-19; certain heart and stroke symptoms require immediate medical intervention, and every second matters.

Calling 9-1-1 at the first sign of heart attack, stroke, or cardiac arrest saves lives.  Fast access to medical treatment is the No. 1 factor for surviving a cardiovascular event.

First responders are well trained to avoid spreading germs and hospitals can accommodate emergencies.


If you are willing to share how COVID-19 has impacted your health with national media, please email Members of the press are asking for many types of stories:

-if you have a chronic heart issue or stroke and have been diagnosed with COVID-19

-if your regular appointments or procedures have been delayed or altered due to the situation

-if you have activated 9-1-1 since the pandemic began

We may not be able to connect everyone to a reporter, but having a broad catalog of survivors willing to share will help us tell the story of how our community is doing during these unprecedented times.

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