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terrain, July 9,  2020  8:58pm EST

bp numbers all over the place

Looking for someone who might have had this experience.  I am an active senior who recently broke my wrist.  Being i golf this really has put a damper on my activity.  I have been taking metroprolol sussinate 50mg for many years without any problems.  i have had gad for many years and more and more these past 2 years because of stress. For 6 months or more my bp would range from 115/70 to 95/68,  When stress and insomnia hits the bp would soar up as high as anywyhere from 165/95 to 180/100.  I would than get a rx for 20 tablets of Ativan .0.5 and within a couple days the sleep and bp was better,  My primary dr. referred me to a cardiologist last year who said he would like to add Metoprolol Tar 25mg only if my bp top number exceeded 150.  Since last year I only had to take the extra pill maybe 5 times until this past week.  Because the insominia was happening i knew I had better get another short supply of the Ativan before the bp rose.  I took the first pill and the next morning my bp was 85/70.  The next day my bp was fine in the morning but by afternoon it was 165./85 so I took the 25mg Met.  The next day the bp was down a little so I took another 25 mg Met.  The next day it was 122/70 for most of the day so I did not have to take an extra dose.  Now today it was low all day and tonight it starting rising to 165/95 so I took the 25mg.  It came down wo 125/70 in about an hour and then up again to 161/90 and later back down to 119/70,   I called the cardiologist 3 days ago about this and they are slow getting back to me about what I should do and why this is happening.  They promised I will hear something by tomorrow from someone.  Has anyone else experienced anything like these spikes?  I can;t see how this can be healthy to to system.  Thanks.

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  • SallyH
    SallyH, July 9,  2020  10:02pm EST

    This is really interesting. I posted about a similar issue but didn't realize my insomnia might be a factor. I have tried a number of insomnia meds and none really helped. I am not on any of them now. 

    Despite medication, my BP continues to be all over the place - as high as 184/97 and as low as 99/72. I'm currently on Losartan 50 mg. Was on Lisinopril initially but I developed the dry cough that sometimes is a side effect. My doc tried triamterene but my sodium level plummeted and I became nauseated.

    i will talk to my doc about the insomnia connection.


  • terrain
    terrain, July 14,  2020  7:55am EST

    Thanks Katie but the first link did not work

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 14,  2020  8:58am EST

    Good morning, Sorry about the wrong link. Try this one Sleep Well Infographic  . Thanks Katie

  • LadySue
    LadySue, August 23,  2020  5:58pm EST

    I am so sorry you are experiencing this.  I know how frustrating it can be because I have had the same problem.  I was taking Metoprolol for blood pressure and the doctor recently added a daily dose of Benazepril.  Seems to be helping.  Good luck finding a solution!

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