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anna76, July 24,  2019  12:54pm EST

BP meds that don't cause breathing/coughing issues

Gosh seems like I have questions lately.

Please can someone tell me if you know (there are so many) HBP medications that are least likely, or do not cause us to have breathing problems.  I am not sure why I have had allergies for 3 weeks now, that is not like me.  So, there was talk by a friend of mine whos husband has asthma and is on HBP meds.

She does not know what he takes.   But I am on Lorpressor and Meterolol.  Seems this may be too much or high of a dose. I woke up yesterday with wheezing, and trying to cough up stuff, a little shortness of breath.  I do not have asthma, these symptoms are new as of 3 weeks ago pretty much.   Pharmacist says be careful, do NOT take Decongestants, they raise BP.  

I feel stuck, what do we people with HBP do when we get congested!?  I have steamed etc.  

2 Replies
  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, July 26,  2019  10:50pm EST

    Unfortunately, only the doctors, and second opinions are good, can tell you.  What works for one person may not work for you or I.  Testing.  Hope you find what makes you feel better.  

  • anna76
    anna76, July 30,  2019  4:56pm EST

    Thank you!   

    I have an appointment with a new doctor this Thursday.  Blood work, and pill talk.


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