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surfver, February 19,  2021  9:54pm EST

Blood pressure

I have often had anxiety in the past and have been working with that listening to inspirational audio books. 

I recently bought a blood pressure monitor because I had a sense that my BP was high. I notice that if I ride my bike or exercise it tends to go down quite a bit and stay down for a good while. I am trying to loose 10 pounds so that my BMI is within a good range and eat more fruits, vegtables and the right stuff. It's challenging to exercise in the winter and I have a desk job and am about 59 but I ride my bike while wearing ski pants, a sweater, wind breaker, and a balacava. 

 I listen to the Gary Null show 

I have the impression that high BP is actually above 140/90 because the medical profession redefined it from what the previous recommendations had been. 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, February 21,  2021  11:33am EST


    Thank you for sharing your story with the support network. It's so great to hear you found ways to manage your anxiety and that you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising! If you want to learn more I can share some Healthy Eating and High Blood Pressure resources for you to check out.

    Best wishes,

    The AHA Team

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