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itsonjohn, October 19,  2019  7:22pm EST

Vision Problem only indication I was having a stroke

I'm 70, Male and have had type 1 diabetes for 34 years. I've kept in shape, run a bunch of marathons and other long distance races, and been pretty active in other ways. Recently, I went to take a picture, but had trouble getting the subject in the center of the frame, then I noticed difficulty walking, in low visibility area, as I couldn't see the footpath properly.  Just thought I had low blood glucose, but that was not the case, so went to the ER.

They determined I was in fact having a stroke and began treatment immediately. Otherwise, I felt fine. 

The only issue remaining is that I have no vision to my left side. Has anyone else had this experience? If so, did your vision comer back? What did you do to restore it?


3 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 22,  2019  9:52am EST

    I am so sorry that you are having to manage this. I can share the information we have on stroke and visual disturbances.  Have you talked to your neurologist about the vision issues? Thanks Katie 

  • itsonjohn
    itsonjohn, November 25,  2019  6:27pm EST

    Thanks for the info, Katie.

    Actually, the neurologist I waqs referred to was quite useless. Did a few basic tests that other doctors had already done and set an appointment in three months. I'm thinking of firing him.

    I did get the opthamologist to evaluate my eyes, as a precaution, I have diabetes. He quantitavely mapped out the area of vision loss and checked my retinas, so at least I know the extent. 

    I am now searching for a medical practioner who knows about this issue.


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, December 3,  2019  9:05am EST

    Good morning, I got to thinking about this and remembered a few articles that Stroke Connection ran in 2018. See if this article helps at all  When Stroke Affects the Parietal Lobe . It might give you some talking points to help find a new practitioner to help you.Best Katie

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