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Maswts1966, January 19,  2019  12:52pm EST


I have had my pacemaker for 6 weeks.  I went to hospital by ambulance after having shortness of breath & perspiring.  No chest pain or any pain but knew something was not right.  They kept me overnight because my heart rate was only 30 & never went up.  The next day a pacemaker was “installed”. (For lack of a better word !  I felt better as soon as i woke up from the procedure....I can tell my circulation is much better too & not feeling as exhausted as I had been for some time.  Also had several falls & now I think the falls were related because I could not “catch myself!”...thank goodness for good bones because I am past retirement age so not a “young chick anymore !”  I am told I will better & better as time goes on......I’m just glad to feel “alive” again & looking forward to having more & more energy in the future.......glad I found this site !!!  I have enjoyed reading what all the others have had to say about their new pacemaker, etc., it helps !

3 Replies
  • yarn007
    yarn007, January 20,  2019  11:46pm EST

    Welcome to the site Maswts1966!   Glad to hear you are feeling better now that you have your pacemaker.   Isn't great when you don't feel tired all the time.  Here is to feeling better and better!   Best wishes

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 12,  2019  12:07am EST

    Great outlook.  You'really an inspiration.  God bless. 😄

    ZORBABUDDHA, April 1,  2019  6:32pm EST

    How brilliant that you now feel so much better and full of life!     After that operation of putting in the pacemaker.    I have some symptoms that are worrying me as I am told I have left ventricular hypertrophy, and found this out in 2008, but at the moment do not know if that is responsible for some peculiar readings from Oximeter SO2;     and pulse rate, and blood pressure. I am also feeling breathless, and quite scared of walking out far....My pulse rate this morning was 80 which is amazingly high since usually it has been in the 60s.  My blood pressure was 108/80 which again is extraordinary since ususally it is 140/80 or something like that.  What is going on!?  I have had bronchitis and have been eating Kefir.  so many variables, I hope someone has some suggestions on here!   I am speaking to my GP tomorrow.  But am always happy to hear others opinions, given the info. I have put out there, here....

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