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yarn007, December 17,  2018  1:43am EST

Interesting little experiment

So, I was chatting with a person I met years ago at a local Diabetes Walk.   It all start with a request to share a table to sit a bit.   This was years before my heart attack.   I ended up chatting with this gentleman for quite a long time.  The next year I met him again at a Diabetes Walk.   We gain sat and chatted what seemed like forever.   Over time we struck up a friendship.   A couple of months ago I saw him and he was trying out a Dexacom device.   It didn't seem to be working all that well for him.   I listened and filed away the information.   

When I had my last Diabetes appointment I was asked what can we do to help you with your Diabetes.   I asked is there any way I could try out one of those Dexacom devices.   Turns out they had 1 more they could use before the end of the year or the thing expired.   

A little personal history - I hate being a Diabetic!   Mind you who really likes being "A Diabetic".   Was it any surprise when I got my Diabetes????   Yes, and no.   Am I a very disciplined Diabetic... NO!   I hate finger poking.   I feel constantly at war with my Diabetes.   My blood sugars reflect this.  I do not have a television hooked up at home and haven't watched t.v. in like 5-6 years (at home).   As a result I am not up on all the latest medical advertisement for this and that device or drug

The experiment - I tried the Dexacom G5 for 7 days.   Mind you I am just a patient.  I have no relationship with the makers of this device.   I merely want to empower other Diabetics who are struggle with their disease.   The first decision was where to wear the device.   I finally settled on my stomach (just under breast area).   I flip flop all night long and figured this was the best spot for me to avoid knocking the device off.   I had the 7 day wearable device put on.   Went home and showed my husband.  His response was "what the hell is that"?   It looks like a wart!     I just laughed and laughed and said "Meet Dexi my new little friend".  He laughed.   I told him I was becoming an alien Borg (i.e. Star Trek).   He just shook his head.   I showed him the monitor and then got intense interest.   My husband loves stats and numbers and spread sheets.

Now the first day on the monitor was rather weird having things think stuck to me.   After the first day I forgot all about it.   It was hard to keep myself close to the monitor (X number of feet), but I got better at it.   What I just loved was that every minute of every day I could look at the monitor and know what my blood sugar was.   I can't tell you how empowering that was.   There was no mystery am I high or low?  I don't have physical symptoms when I am high or low.   I could make better food choices based on what my blood sugars were running.   I could see what my normal eating patterns do to my blood sugars.   Mind you my normal eating patterns are poor, so this was a real education.

When it was time to return "Dexi" I didn't want to do it.   I have to say I loved it.   For the first time I got to visually see what was going on with my Diabetes.   In that 7 day trial I averaged a 124 blood sugar.  Something I had never been able to do before.   It had me wondering what I could do if I wore this device all the time??  

So, I asked if they could run it as a prescription and see if my insurance would cover it.   Of course that was a major pain in the butt and didn't work out exactly how I had planned.   The whole mail order pharmacy versus local one.   I live in an area that is below zero a majority of the year and the last thing on earth I want is $2,000-$3,000 worth of medical devices left on my doorstep to freeze.   Then the mail order pharmacy wanted like $300 because I had not met my Tier 2 deductible (news to me) and you get the general idea.   Then there is the whole I have 1 insurance company this year and next year I change to a different one.   Then there is the not sure if the new company will cover it since I am only a type 2 Diabetic taking insulin.

Take Away from the experiment  - This type of equipment should be a mandatory requirement for insurance companies to give their patients who want it.   It was empowering to visually see how my choices or lack there of... affect my blood sugars.   I think for many Diabetics this would finally help us get better control over our Diabetes.  

After the first of the year I will be playing with Dexi and adding in how exercise affects my numbers.  I hope to come up with a bit of a Diabetes eating plan based on my results.   I have a least 3 months to figure it out since I am pretty sure my new insurance will not cover this device.   Instead it will most likely approve more and more Diabetes medication to take.

Just thought I would share my little experiment.

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, December 20,  2018  9:25am EST

    Thank you! 

  • jessie3995
    jessie3995, December 26,  2018  11:25am EST

    Thank you so much for that little experiment.  It was really educational and informative.

  • yarn007
    yarn007, December 26,  2018  8:46pm EST

    Your welcome Jessie.   Don't know how long I will be able to stay on it once the new year starts, but if I am able to come up with a plan I could get off my insulin.   That alone would make it worth it.   If you would like to learn more about these devices (continous monitoring systems) due check out youtube.    I learned all about various pros and cons there.   

    Happy Holidays Jessie!

    ZORBABUDDHA, April 1,  2019  6:40pm EST

    I am so pleased you are enjoying your new toy!  I think I want one now!  I will ask my doctor!   But my hb1ac is or was , two months ago 52, maybe that is not serious enough for them to consider me having one of those Dexicom things?   I am in the UK. I am not sure how that kind of thing works here, but yes, I think it IS empowering, or would be for me, if I knew more immediately how my various behaviours were affecting my blood glucose readings...

    thanks for the bright and cheerful way you have described this!

  • Harbecsg
    Harbecsg, April 10,  2019  10:20pm EST

    I have a medtronic pump with a continuous glucose monitor.  I love it as well.  Makes it so much easier to control my blood sugar!

  • yarn007
    yarn007, April 11,  2019  9:32pm EST

    Harbecsg glad to hear you love your pump with the continuous monitor.   It sure is empowering.

    ZORBABUDDHA do let us know how it goes with your doctor and what you think should you go on one of these types of glucose monitor systems.   Would love to hear your experiences with it.

    Welcome to the site you two!   Glad to hear from other Diabetics!



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