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Lory90, July 1,  2018  3:31pm EST

I have diabetes

Have diabetes since 2014.Gain lot weight and health getting worse.

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 3,  2018  8:54am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I can provide the diabetes patient education resources for you. I am curious, what do you find to be the most challenging part of managing your condition? Is it the weight gain or medication compliance? Looking forward to getting to know you better. Best Katie 

  • Vegas
    Vegas, July 3,  2018  9:54pm EST

    I don't know you or what stage / level your at but think if it's since 2014 it's still manageable. If you can manage it you kinda have to. Do you know about going blind or having a foot cut off or having a stroke? If you don't take care of yourself you will get worse, if you are taking care of yourself maybe meds are causing water weight retention, might have to talk with a doc about switching meds, not sure. Also try to cut out soda.

    This might sound a lil hippie but try honey as a snack, put like 4 or 5 spoon fulls in a plastic cup and put it in the freezer overnight. It's sweet and filling and can replace ice cream.

    Certain foods are better than others like Pineapples are good for inflamation, so maybe try to eat Pineapple more if you like Pineapples. Avocado's are very filling and great on anything but a lil high in cholesterol so have to check that too.

    Have a great 4th.


  • yarn007
    yarn007, July 5,  2018  1:17pm EST

    Welcome to the site Lory!   Like you I have Diabetes.   I call it the club that keeps on giving in negative ways.   If you are not seeing a Diabetes Educator or working with Diabetes doctor or nurses I would highly recommend it.   They are so helpful and they get it.   They work with people with Diabetes all day and everyday and understand the challenges more so than a primary doctor (or at least the primary doctors I have had).   Like you I battle the weight issue and can't seem to lose weight.   I try to have my A1C done every 3 months.   Luckily my insurance will cover that.   Must admit I am rather depressed since I just got my A1C done this week and it was an 8.1.   Been having a tough time dealing with that since I am taking a bunch of medication for it.

    One thing I have learned this year is that if you get any cortisone injections this can totally send your blood sugars flying high.   Having just had injections done in both of my wrists I am thinking this might be part of the cause of my really high A1C.   

    If you would like my email for a support buddy just say the word.   I certainly know what a bummer Diabetes can be.

  • MsCass
    MsCass, July 22,  2018  8:32am EST

    Hi, Frienz! I have been Diabetic × 5 yrs now.  I am learning to LIVE w. it daily. Its not a death wish and can be managed effectively w. education, meds and daily monitoring, execise, and weight loss! I say be proactive about it. Shift a bit your thinking about diabetes. Learn something new about managing the disease. Try Yoga for example. Be creative. Have fun. Dont be in despair. Enjoy your life. Be aware of limitations but Maximize your strengths!

  • DownUnder
    DownUnder, January 12,  2019  8:09pm EST

    Hello from the other side of the planet!

     Have you considered the  "Einstein Approach" ?  - that is,  the definition of insanity is doing the same thing...and expecting an opposite result...  I bet your diet contains lots of grains and other carbohydrates and you're basically eating - roughly - according to the  USDA  "Food Pyramid"  and you've eliminated fats such as lard,  butter,  full-fat milk etc from your diet and you use 'vegetable oils' instead.

     Guess what ?  It hasn't worked since 1980 when those guides were first published, and 1980 was about the time that a well-known 'fast-food chain stopped using LARD to deep-fry and replaced it with a  "vegetable Oil"    Funny,  no one has seen the   "Oil Vegetable" it comes from....

      Since the 1980's,  obesity has skyrocketed, followed by T2 Diabetes.  Dunno about you,  but I would call that a   "CLUE"  that we've been fed a big fat lie about 'fats' and 'carbohydrates'.

      Short story is...  in 2017  I dropped 60 pounds  (30kg)  in 9 months when I dropped the carbs almost entirely (NO bread or grains or starchy vegetable like potatoes or carrots or any that grow underground) and ate plenty of natural fats such as butter, cheese and fat on meat.  -  The US has a problem in that much of your cheaper meats are raised on GRAIN based feeds, whereas Aussie beef is grass & hay fed.  The meat and fat is different in grass-fed animals

     So, if carbs turn into fat, (and we don't NEED any carbs...) why eat so much of them ?  Replace them with hunger-satisfying good fats.

    Oh, and my A1C plummeted from  14.2%  (ridiculous!) to  low-5's  (Within range for non-diabetic)


    Your choice,  SAD  (Standard American Diet)  or  Low Carb- Healthy Fat  LCHF


    DownUnder.  -  CABG  x5  Nov 2016

  • yarn007
    yarn007, January 13,  2019  12:23am EST

    Hey Down Here welcome to the Support Site.   Glad to have you chime in.    I have thought alot about the low carb lifestyle.    I sure like the results that can be had with it.   Just fret about if I could keep it up long term or I would end up gaining it all back.   I had a friend who lost 97 pounds on low carb, but then saw him recently and he had gained it back.   Was so sad to see it.

    Your A1C change from 14 to low 5 is INSANE!   That is so seriously cool!!!

    What does CABG mean?

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