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lmiller33, February 28,  2019  5:12pm EST

Fatigue after Stent Placement

I am 7 days from haivng 2 stents in LAD no HA. I went back to work briefly today and within an hour I had fatigue that hit me all of a sudden with a little dizziness. I recovered but drove home and have felt exhausted all day. Called and left a msg wth my Dr. Has anyone else felt this after having stents? Of course it caused a teriible anxiety attack too.

2 Replies
  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, March 1,  2019  12:51am EST

    I would recommend, if you can, putting off work for a time.  Do you have time off saved up?  All these symptoms you should share with your doctors.  Also, see the doctor or go to the ER if you'really unsure and concerned.  That''s what insurance is for.  Yes, stents take adjusting to, and this is your heart.  This is a process and there''s a learning curve.  Be patient.  God blesd.

    ZORBABUDDHA, April 1,  2019  6:25pm EST

    Yes, it seems to me you need a good rest before returning to any kind of work, and then maybe you could discuss for a few weeks reducing your hours? I don't know if this is possible, but most important is your health, and I hope you are able to be kind to yourself and allow yourself the recovering time you need.   It does not seem good to me to overdo it at this time. Take care of yourself!

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