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kstarzmann, January 23,  2019  1:03pm EST

Diabetes and Heart Surgery

My 17 year onld son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after is 4th open heart surgery about a yr ago. Was just told he is in need of a 5th open heart. Can anyone give me info on how diffrent surgery will be since diagnosed with type 1? What new concerns are there beside monitoring his blood sugar?

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  • yarn007
    yarn007, January 24,  2019  10:49pm EST

    I am type 2, but I am sure most of the stuff is pretty similiar.    When I had 2 surgeries post HA this is the some of the stuff they had me do.   I had to have a pre-op physical and they also checked to see that my sugars were under control before having surgery.   Had to pass the pre-op physical.    Then the doctor gave me instructions of what to do before surgery (i.e. what medications I could take and which to hold just before surgery and then the day of surgery).   About a day before surgery the surgical nurse usually calls and goes through yet again which medications can be taken and what can't be taken.   

    With one of the surgeries I ended up staying in the hospital after surgery.   When that happened the hospitalist took over when, what, and how much insulin I got.   In the hospital they checked blood sugars and then adjusted insulin as needed and it was the faster acting kind of insulin.   Normally, I take the slower acting kind.   The other thing the local Diabetes Center told me is that the hospital tends to have your sugars run a bit higher than Diabetic tend to run at home.   Don't be surprised if that happens.

    One thing I do now know from experience is this.   Pack your own Diabetes monitor and strips.   There may be times you are thinking you are running to high or low and having your own supplies to check it will give you piece of mind.   The other thing I have learned is don't assume all your nurses and what not know you are a Diabetic.   Speak up for yourself if you need something (i.e. snacks, medications).   It always seems that when you go in the hospital the medications get screwed up.   When you get discharged make sure you check to see if any Diabetes medications have been changed.   Make sure you understand any and all medication changes before you discharge.

    Tip - That Diabetes insulin pen that they use in the hospital.  Your insurance pays for.   When you discharge they throw it out.  Ask them if you can take it with you.  No reason to have perfectly good insulin thrown out when it can be used.

    Hope the information helped you out a bit.   Best wishes to you and your son!



  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, March 4,  2019  8:07pm EST

    I just wanted to add my prayers.  God bless.  

  • Harbecsg
    Harbecsg, April 10,  2019  10:15pm EST

    You may need to adjust insulin after surgery due to stress from surgery.  Surgeon may set up insulin drip during surgery due to length and may want you to stop long acting insulin due to this.  I am type 1 as well.

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