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pjcag, February 28,  2019  10:01am EST

10 stents in LAD

I just had my last 2 stents in February of last year. I now have 10. I have CAD. We are dancing around bypass. I was put on Isobide twice a day last month. It has helped alot with shortness of breath and chest discomfort. I'm looking for advice from someone who has this many or close..stents. My primary care said I'm the first patient she's ever had with that many stents in one artery. My cardiologist, who I trust, is in sort of wait and see mode...he would like to postpone bypass as long as possible,. I'm fixing to be 69 and I have diabetes. Thoughts?

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  • pjcag
    pjcag, February 28,  2019  10:02am EST

    Sorry I failed to mention all 10 stents are in the LAD

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, March 3,  2019  10:45pm EST

    This is new to me, but I think I'd lean more towards a cautious cardiologist then one eager for procedures, though you can always get second opinions as I did.  I much prefer my second cardiologist.  Yes, a bypass is a big thing which you can research.  It seems smart that he wants to consider first.  We'really not machines.  We'really humans with one heart and he wants to do what''s best.  This is a process which you'll learn more with time.  And with time, your understanding and hope will grow.  You'll also encourage others as you learn..  God bless. Hope and prayer. 

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