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AHAASAKatie, December 31,  2019  11:47am EST
1231NewYearsGoals_SC.jpg (17).

Wishing our Community a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Thank you for a great 2019 and looking forward to an even better 2020 loaded with inspiring conversations and support.

Best Katie

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  • msUSworld20
    msUSworld20, January 26,  2020  12:17pm EST

    Hi AHAASAKatie,

    Like you, I have been part of my the AHA for several years. I live with only one symptom of Heart Disease in women-- high cholesterol. Every statin that I try to take makes me nauseous and I stop taking it. Daily exercise and eating healthy lowers my cholesterol total number greatly, but still leaves my "bad" # a little too high.


    I do have an off the point question for you. How did you get a photo to fit in the little circle on your account info. I've tried the smallest pictures and they all show up too large, so I end showing one eye, etc. rather than my entire face.


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