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JB1947, February 19,  2020  10:02pm EST

What's Next??

My first post and I just got Dxed with PAD and it seems that my perriphal arteries are clogged with cholesterol @ 75% and this is on top of my liver [stage 4] cirrohisis from having Hep C.  Just read that it is a common condition as it's the liver that produces cholesterol, right?  Any others out there with the same situation??

Oh, and forgot to mention that I'm 72 and a Vietnam  War Veteran......where I contracted the Hep C during the mass innoculations during basic training......................"Lucky Me"

Hope to get some info as this pain from the PAD leg cramping is terrible and I am barely able to walk and it's getting worse. 

Aloha from Hawaii!! 

Wow, after reading 5 or 6 pages of this thread I'm even more scared/terrified as there are not too many 'happy endings' and I feel lucky in that our little 'island State' just passed the 'death with dignity' law and I'll discuss it with my PCP asap.  I have spent the last 5+ years 'chasing doctors with my various ailments, but I would not want to spend my remaining years flyinfg interisland 'chasing surgeons' and getting chopped up.

I live on an outer island and the only good Dr's are in Honolulu, so it's either fly or die!

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 20,  2020  8:48am EST

    I am so sorry to hear about your struggles. I have not heard about the commonality with Hep C as it relates to PAD. I don't have Hep C and had multiple clogged arteries leading to CABG surgery. I urge you to keep the faith and not give up hope! There are excellent treatments for PAD and heart related illnesses including advancements in medications. Consult with your PCP and find a good surgeon or proper course for treatment and pursue it. If necessary, get a second opinion but please remain positive!

    I wish you all the best and thank you for your service to our country!


  • JB1947
    JB1947, February 21,  2020  2:40pm EST

    Thanks for your reply Jim, 

    I'm still in the early [discovery] stage of educating myself on this terrible disease, but am starting to accept it and looking at my options.  Monday is my 2nd appointment with my 'corporate speciality quack clinic' that I've heard bad reports about which confirm my first impressions, but they do have the diagnostic tools/immaging and hopefully give me a written report so I can research alternatives.

    I have found an artical that I'm forwarding to my PCP re: statins for cirrohitic liver patients 

    Statin therapy in patients with cirrhosis



    I have learned that a lot of the time, 'it's up to me' to educate my Drs and thanks to google, that's possible now.  On several occasions I had to research and educate and push my drs to do the right thing.  One GI specialist wanted to dismiss a remark on a radiology report that mentioned a 'suspicious lession] on my liver and I insisted that they do further testing and sure enough, they were  able to catch my liver tumor at an early stage and successfully ablate it [fingers crossed after 3.5 yrs of remission]

    I still have a lot of questions that I will post after my next appointment and hopefully get some answers from you guys.

    Thanks for being there..................

    Aloha, Jack















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