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DolphinWrite, February 10,  2019  12:24am EST


Thanks to all of you that share your stories and help those of us learning this new life. My question regards lipitor and creator, my new statin.  I've always had high cholesterol, but due to exercise and good genes, never considered heart attack untIL I had one.  6 months later and a much better diet, my heart function is normal though damaged, but blood tests keep showing pre-diabetes even though sugar intake is much reduced.  Could the statins be causing this?  I've read some and would like your experiences and knowledge.  I also think the creator may be making me more tired.  Thank's for your input.  

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 10,  2019  8:45am EST

    Hi DolphinWrite,

    I've not heard of the potential link statins and diabetes and neither my cardiologist or GP have ever mentioned it. I've had many blood tests over the past seven years that I have been on crestor and now the generic version, none of them have shown an increasing risk of diabetes. Regarding becoming tired, that is possible on some statins and it probably depends on each one of us as we all react differently. I was taking red yeast rice and then zocar for a little while and I felt more tired. I haven't had this effect from crestor. I am able to continue my active lifestyle while I am on it without limitations.

    Hope this helps.


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 11,  2019  12:35am EST

    Thanks, Jim.  I know med can have side effects, some working better than others.  Sometimes, it just takes time to adjust.  Went back to lipitor today, and so far, feel better. 

  • yarn007
    yarn007, February 16,  2019  5:56pm EST

    I am taking Lipitor and found it to be a good fit too.

  • EMON1
    EMON1, February 18,  2019  10:47pm EST

    Since my HA in 11/18 I've been on 80 mg generic Lipitor, It dropped my ldl to 58 and I can't say whether I'm a 'little' fatigued, seems like a good trade off ... have read it 'may' slightly elevate glucose, but not clinically high

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 19,  2019  12:16am EST

    Thanks for your time and infirmation.  We all have to be our own advocates.  My doctors don't say much unless I inform them, and they seem to respond more this way. Thanks again.

  • grsnovi
    grsnovi, February 19,  2019  10:30am EST

    My astronomically high cholesterol is apparently not entirely my fault and as a result, I thought I could ignore it after 10 years of Pravachol and then Lipitor. So after ignoring it for 15 years or so I ended up needing a stent due to a 99% blockage of my RCA. I'm now back on a statin (generic Crestor) along with aspirin, a BETA-blocker and a blood thinner. I've also radically adjusted my diet. If your blood work is still showing increased glucose following a fast I would expect your doctors to want you to seriously look at your diet and exercise. Adjusting the prescribed medications you take might help but you need to be eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep at night. There are days when I feel wiped out by 2 or 3 in the afternoon but I'm not attributing that to my meds - I just need to get back in shape.

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 20,  2019  12:37am EST

    Thanks.  My diet was okay before the heart attack, and I've always exercised, cycling for the past 7 years, walking on off days with exercises.  After the event, I ate like a deer for a time until I lost too much weight and learned more about a heart friendly diet.  Eating out occasionally with friends and family I'm very careful, often telling the waitress what I can have and to remove any sodium.  I've cut so much out of my diet. Rarely have a small glass of wine.  Yes, I've contacted my doctors, asking about lab results and medicine interactions.  My concerns is to avoid diabetes, which is not in my family, and protect the liver which triglycerides could be a factor.  Thanks for your time. 

  • grsnovi
    grsnovi, February 20,  2019  3:49pm EST

    Sometimes it's hard to figure. A guy at work (who you would think to be in the best of health) bikes hard, runs hard and a year ago he felt off following a noontime run. He went to the urgent care to "get checked" and they sent him to the hospital where he ended up getting a stent on the spot. I hear you as far as cutting stuff out of your diet - it can be pretty depressing. Two months ago I stopped eating refined carbs, and most everything with added sodium. I've dropped 20 pounds but I've been wondering: am I ever going to have another great burger and a beer? I had a session with a nutricianist as part of my cardiac rehab yesterday and she was ahppy with where I was and suggested that "cheating" on what I consider to be a very austere diet was probably OK may twice a month - but you have to be aware of what exactly you're adding in and be prepared to do some additional exercise. I know that I'll likely struggle to continue eating properly and finding time to get in the recommended exercise while still working a full-time job is going to be a PITA.

  • yarn007
    yarn007, February 20,  2019  3:58pm EST

    First of all the best person to ask these questions is your doctor.   What I would like to address is your Pre-Diabetes.   It really isn't so much about your sugar intake.   Sugar comes in many forms.   Carbs are a big part of the sugar issue, but not the whole picture either.    Diabetes is also about timing when and how you eat.   Diabetes is about genetics.   Diabetes can pop up when we get older and systems might not be working as well as they might have been.   Of course Diabetes is about a lot of  other things.   What I want to say is this... If you are showing Pre-Diabetes take it seriously.   Get it under control right away and monitor it very very closely.   You don't want to end up with a ton of other "Diabetic Complications" that can happen down the road with Diabetes.   Keep up your exercising and follow a HA healthy diet.   Diabetes is NO FUN.   Take it from someone who has it and the complications that can accompany it.

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 20,  2019  4:27pm EST

    That''s exactly what I'm trying to avoid.  Diet was changed overnight, and I've always exercised which some believe helped with recovery.  I'm asking my doctors what''s the play here?  What should I do?  Also, I'm reading up.  Thanks. 

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