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Missydi, January 7,  2019  5:17pm EST

Post stent placement

I recently had 2 stents inserted after failing a stress test.  My cholesterol had high Triglycerides(204). It was a shock to me that I has 1 vessel blocked 100% and 2nd 75% blocked.  I want to learn more on how to lower my triglycerides and raise good cholesterol.  I never smoked, and am of average weight.

I am cutting out sweets, and my stress foods like potato chips, and eating more veggies and nuts for snacks. Looking forward to a new chapter in my "Book of Life".

6 Replies
  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 7,  2019  8:07pm EST

    Hi Missydi,

    I assume you've been given medication to help lower your cholesterol. Changing your diet is an excellent idea. After my heart issue, I gave up all the foods that are obviously not healthy such as the ones you've mentioned. I would also suggest an exercise program. If you haven't been offered cardiac rehab, then talk to your doctor about the kinds of exercise you can do. Exercising is an excellent way to help lower your cholesterol. 

    Good luck in your new chapter. You're off to an excellent start!


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 9,  2019  9:17am EST

    Hi, you came to the right place for help with cholesterol management!  We have whole host of great information to help you manage this! Please let me know what you struggle with the most and if I can research something else for you. Best Katie 

  • Missydi
    Missydi, January 11,  2019  7:52pm EST

    Yes I am on cholesterol med(Rosuvastatin). After stent placement, I am on Brilinta and Toporol XL.  I facilitate a walking program 2X week at my local senior center which we walk for 30 min. Mon & Fri. I will be increasing exercise at home Tues and Thurs.

    Staying on my current "healthy eating" liferstyle will probably become tedious after about a month, but I am determined to get cholesterol down, and keep heart disease at Bay.

    I welcome suggestions.

    Diane Hopkins

  • yarn007
    yarn007, January 13,  2019  12:49am EST

    Welcome to the Support Network Diane.   Glad to have you.    Sounds like you are making some great changes to get that cholesterol level down.   Keep up the hardwork.   It is exciting when you get those blood results and it shows your hardwork is working and your numbers go down.  


  • BartO
    BartO, January 19,  2019  8:40am EST

    Cholesterol is found in large amounts in all animal foods. When people eat meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products their blood cholesterol levels rise. The rationale is that lowering these levels with medication will fix the problem. The real-life benefits have been minimal this failure has led researchers to look into other mechanisms to explain how eating animal products and other unhealthy foods cause artery damage. Meat, dairy products, eggs, and other animal foods favor the growth of bacteria that readily convert carnitine and choline to TMA. Vegans and vegetarians grow few of these kinds of bacteria and as a result produce very little artery-damaging TMAO. Starches, vegetables, and fruits are essentially cholesterol-free and discourage the growth of intestinal bacteria that lead to the synthesis of artery-damaging TMAO; and these foods contain very little carnitine and choline (the precursors of TMAO). Unarguably,—whether blaming cholesterol, carnitine, choline, or bad-bowel-bacteria—diseases of atherosclerosis (heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, etc.) are due to consuming meat, dairy products, and eggs. To prevent and treat heart and other artery diseases fix the problem if you eat meat, dairy products, eggs, and other unhealthy foods then you will benefit from taking statins (a little). Eat a whole food plant based diet and any benefits from statins for an otherwise healthy person vanish, and all that is left are side effects and costs. For most people with a history of heart surgery, heart disease, TIAs, or stroke, in addition to a plant based diet you may also need sufficient cholesterol-lowering statin medications to lower your blood cholesterol to 150 mg/dL or less.


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 21,  2019  12:11am EST

    You have a fantastic attitude, and like the others, will learn more and enjoy a great life. I think the difficult things in life, while truly difficult, also makes us appreciate the good things we have.  As we learn, then help others cope with their dofficulties, our lives are enriched and we find other areas to grow.  Down the road, we look back and realize how much we've learned.  God bless.

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