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brokert, October 11,  2018  3:08pm EST



I received some unwelcomed news that my lipoprotein(a) level is 314 nmol/L. All other measures were normal with LDL being slightly elevated. I have now spent the whole day on the Internet and still have no real understanding of what this means and I am worred. It is hard to feel that I was not just given some terminal diagnosis. Unfortunately, I cannot see a cardiologist for a few weeks and my PCP is giving no useful reaction. Can anyone help me make sense of this?

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  • yarn007
    yarn007, October 14,  2018  11:08pm EST

    Sorry to hear about your unwelcomed news.   I am not a medical person at all just a person who has high cholesterol level that is managed by medication.    Here is some information for you regarding cholesterol    I hope this answers some of your questions.   

    High Cholesterol is certainly not a terminal diagnosis and is very manageable (diet, exercise, possibly medication).   I would view it more like you are getting a sign that you need to make some changes in your life.  If you are overly stressed it is time to deal with that stress or manage it better.   If you diet is horrible it is time to get more fresh foods and less processed stuff in it.   You will need to have routine physicals to keep tabs on your cholesterol levels.  Get more exercise.   

    Getting your cholesterol level down takes a bit of time, so be patient and listen to your doctors.  Try to keep from worrying about this; although, I know it is hard not to.  You can get control of this and live a better life as a result of it.

    Best wishes!

  • KenRachlin
    KenRachlin, December 31,  2018  1:58pm EST

    LPA is hereitary and has been asscoiated with CAD...But what I have found out is Insulin resistance is the elephant in the room...Please check out Ivor Cummins on youtube show how cholesterol is an awful predictor of CAD, but high sugar and high insulin is a great predicitor of cardia events

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 1,  2019  9:25am EST

    Yarn has hit the nail on the head. I too have had my cholesterol managed by medication. High LDL is not a terminal diagnosis but it could certainly mean that your cardiologist will want to prescribe meds as well as possibly check for any potential blockages if you're experiencing any chest pains. Although cholesterol can be a contributor to heart disease, there are other potential factors such as stress. But because you have a high LDL number doesn't mean you have any other problems. You just have to get it reduced. I'm a little surprised your PCP didn't prescribe meds or at least advise how to reduce it such as exercise which is a very good way to reduce high cholesterol.


    I had CAD requiring a quintuple bypass and have never had a problem with blood sugar. It is true that diabetes can complicate things. When I was being diagnosed, I was told about many options for my treatment some of which I would not have been a candidate for if I was a diabetic. My cardiologist has also shared with me many studies involving cholesterol and the importance and value in lowering it.



  • Esskayh
    Esskayh, February 20,  2019  2:24pm EST

    I also have elevated lp(a) and tend to have high total cholesterol and high LDL unless I manage diet closely. I would encourage you to check out the Lp(a) Foundation web site and consider joining the Lp(a) Foundation group on FaceBook (if you use FaceBook). Despite living what many of my friends and family (and even doctor) consider a super healthy life-style, I have coronary artery disease and I believe the Lp(a) is the cause.

  • Blizz1
    Blizz1, March 8,  2019  12:30pm EST

    LDL and Lp(a) are different. The comments relative to cholesterol are not relevant to Lp(a). I second Esskayh and recommed Lp(a) Foundation. Unfortunately, there are no FDA approved treatments available but there are clinical trials underway. You may want to see a lipidologist and not a traditional cardiologist. I have found that PCPs and cardiologists are not that familiar with Lp(a).My husband has both high LDL and high Lp(a) while my daughter has only the high Lp(a). You may wish to consider having family tested, too.  Best wishes.

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