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Ricky2018, May 27,  2019  9:02pm EST

Just plain scared

I'm new to the site. I am 48 years old , on may 10th 2018 I had a HA , on may 14th 2018 I had quadruple bypass surgery. I went through rehab 38 sessions changed my diet , done everything they told me to. 4 weeks ago I had a severe pain in my chest followed by tightness. After a heart cath  and 3 stents in one of the graphs, I was told all of my graphs were failing to some extent. Waiting to go back to my cardiologist in a week to maybe get some answers.  Really scared and nervous !!!! I had just gotten over some of the fear .

3 Replies
  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, May 27,  2019  10:31pm EST

    Hi Ricky,

    I too have had bypass surgery and have also had pains and tightness in my chest. I know that graphs will sometimes require follow up stents. It sounds like they caught some of the issues already and now that your going back to your cardiologist, your condition will be fully diagnosed and a follow up treatment will be implemented. Whatever that treatment may be, take comfort in that you were diagnosed in time. There are times when multiple treatments are required. Here's one such case. His incredible full story can be found here. I've read it. It's remarkable!

    I wish you well!



  • Ricky2018
    Ricky2018, May 28,  2019  12:32pm EST

    Thanks Jim, It means alot knowing I'm not alone in all this. I have my family, but it's different from someone who has been through it or currently going through it. 

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, May 29,  2019  1:52am EST

    Prayers.  God bless. 

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