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Rathish78, January 9,  2021  1:43pm EST

High LDL,HDL & Triglycerides


i am a new member of this group and I am 41yrs old.

My results came back today as LDL:137 HDL 29 and Triglycerides 221 and cardiac risk as 7.2 

would like to get your inputs and diet plan for a way to improve my health status.


Many thanks 

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, January 9,  2021  2:17pm EST

    Welcome to the support network and thank you for sharing with us. 

    I'm not a medical professional so I can't answer your specific questions. Have you spoken to your healthcare provider about your test results? They would be able to answer some of your questions as they know your full history.

    I'm glad to hear you are looking to improve your health and diet. We have some resources on cholesterol that you may find useful:



    Remember you are not alone and please keep us updated on your progress. 

    Best wishes,

    AHA Support Team 


  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 10,  2021  9:05am EST

    It's important to first consult with a doctor about lowering these numbers before doing anything. I was always resistant to taking medications but after I had heart surgery, I was put on statins and my cholesterol dropped over 100 points. It's been over nine years and my numbers are still good. There are other ways to help lower cholesterol. A diet plan and exercise are a good start. Increasing exercise to a vigorous level could make a difference. But I would also caution with exercise, it's important to start slow and work toward increased intensity. Again, it's vitally important to consult with a doctor before considering anything like change of diet or any type of exercise. While these things are good, it's necessary find out your current physical condition first to make sure you are not putting yourself at risk. It would also be wise to have some guidance. A personal trainer and/or dietician could be a good way to help you get started. 

    Good luck!


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