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Amilne2009, January 31,  2019  11:54pm EST

First post, I’m 28 and have high cholesterol!!

Hey everyone, first post, well I have a long line of heart disease and early death in my family. Appears I was the lucky one to develop these awesome genes. For some reason I didn’t get cholesterol checked until my 28th birthday but yeah lol. I have high cholesterol upper 200s close to 300. I was recommended statin pills or a diet, I chose both obviously lol. I’ve been hearing some pretty nasty things about statin but I figure I’d do it and diet and then get off statin if able. Any recommendations for you experience folk out there. Been to er twice now in January, and dr twice. I went to er for chest pain trouble breathing etc, they gave me an ekg each visit X-ray first visit a blood test both visits and they checked my thyroid first visit. Everything came back fine aside from my white blood cell count it was a hair high first visit they never said anything the second visit, they just said I have anxiety and gave me hydroxyzine or something. Well turns out I have high cholesterol so was I not crazy idk tell me what ya think. Thanks for listening. 




  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, February 4,  2019  9:36am EST

    I know this is a lot to manage and really glad that you are talking to us! We have a wealth of information regarding Cholesterol management that I can share with you.  I think a good place to start is this cholesterol guide as well. Also, let us know how you are faring on the statin and dieting. Many of our members are managing the same things and can have some great discussions with you. Best Katie

  • llorenz1221
    llorenz1221, February 4,  2019  10:24am EST

    My husband who is 36 also has high cholesterol, but it is due to genetics and has nothing to due with his lifestyle choices as everyone in our small town will tell you he is the healthiest guy they know!  He is very active and has a very good diet, but you can't beat genetics sadly.  With that said, he is also on a statin, and was put on one after he suffered a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest due to scar tissue build up in his left main artery.  He was also very, very concerned about the statin, as he too has heard things about them that makes him wary of them.  He talked to his doctors about this, after he had taken one kind for a year, and the doctors are trying a different kind with him now, at a lower dose, and seeing how he does.  My thoughts are always talk to your doctor about how you are feeling, especially when it comes to your medications, let them know your concerns.  If you can also improve your diet and get some exercise and physical activity that is great, as that could potentially help you come off your statin, or at least let you take a lower dose.  Looking into the resources that the AHA provides, that Katie mentioned, are also great ways to help manage everything. Wishing you the best of luck with everything!

  • NurseTessa
    NurseTessa, February 4,  2019  2:52pm EST

    Hi Aaron, Your steps of taking both the statin and exercise is a great start. Unfortunately, we can pick our noses, but not our genes (heehee). Some people no matter what they do their numbers don’t change without medication. And yes just like any other medication, statins can have side effects while still doing good. At such a young age your best bet is to become established with a doctor you trust and keep up on regular appointments. Request regular blood tests and treat any anxiety or psychological issues that you have as well. Be well, T

  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 5,  2019  8:16pm EST

    Hi Aaron,

    I have been on statins for the past seven years with no appreciable side effects. I was opposed to taking them prior to my heart event but after that happened, I decided I was going to do whatever was necessary to avoid another event. My cardiologist had told me from day one that I'd be on them for the rest of my life. I have accepted that since I have been able to do all the things I'd done before including being very active. My cholesterol has dropped about 100 points and my LDL is at levels my cardiologist is very happy with. My liver is checked on a regular basis but my cardiologist has told me that statins have been around for so long and there have been so many studies that they are no longer considered potentially damaging. 

    Another recommended way to lower your cholesterol is exercise. This is especially effective in lowering LDL so if you want to eventually get off the statins, make it a point to exercise regularly.

    Good luck!


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 7,  2019  12:27am EST

    I too had high cholesterol, but didn't care a's I had no history nor family issues, save hbp on my mother''s side (My BP was always good.).  The cardiologists seemed to be able to determine the clogging began 6-7 years ago, causing the heart attack 6 months ago at 54.  I can only surmise the body is mysterious and age plays a part.  Thankfully, you got checked out before heart failure.  I hope you have a long and blessed life.  😃

  • grsnovi
    grsnovi, February 8,  2019  4:31pm EST

    Aaron - I was first diagnosed with ultra-high cholesterol almost 30 years ago. Took statins for 10 years and quit. 8 weeks ago I had to have a heart stent placed because mu RCA was 99% blocked. I'm back on a statin (Crestor) and I've radically altered my diet (and dropped 20 pounds since 12/1). I didn't want to be taking meds for life when I quit taking Lipitor. I now wish that I had stayed on it. I wanted to think that I could hold my cholesterol with just diet. I suppose if you really stick to a severe diet you can but I couldn't. I suspect my fondness for sandwiches for the local sub shop and regular candy bars had a lot to do with my recent issue but this was after I only ate salad for a couple of years. I just wasn't able to keep eating rabbit food and I got sloppy with my eating habits.

  • EMON1
    EMON1, February 16,  2019  2:08am EST

    I was resistant to statins with all the negative stories BEFORE my HA, as people have said genetics trumps diet everytime, 2 months of statins and my cholesterol dropped from 250 to 130, my ldl went from 180 to 58 .... fun fact - with new statins they have found ldl below 70 can actually reduce arterial plaque!

  • Amilne2009
    Amilne2009, March 7,  2019  5:53pm EST

    Thanks to everyone who answered me I have not checked this site since I posted that comment. Well it’s been however long since that post I have been back to the er twice since then complaining of the same issues. Of course family my gp er drs nurses everyone chalk it up to be anxiety and panic disorder I was driving down the road and had to call 911 because I started to have a panic attack. My arms and legs both went numb felt I couldn’t breath felt as if I was having a heart attack. And then the emt on sight told me my ekg came back abnormal, which obviously freaked me out even worse. So after my heart rate and bp lowered to somewhat normal they let me drive off and I went home went to er and again everything came back fine. Cardiac enzymes normal, troponin normal, ekg normal. My gp prescribed me buspirone 5 mg for anxiety, after I took one of those and two Tylenol while being at hospital my vitals calmed from day 80s-90s heart rate 13-16 respiratory, to same respiratory to like 60 heart rate. I think about dying all the time or how they probably is something wrong with me I can’t help it and it throws me into a panic feel like I can’t breath heart racing numbness in body parts. Hoping I can get Over all this. 









  • Aprilv
    Aprilv, May 12,  2019  12:50pm EST

    I am in that same boat, been to the ER several times, my tests come back alright, but I am dizzy, I start sweating, have chest pain and pain down my left arm & worry about dying all the time. I am only 49 and not ready. I have a cardiologist appointment in 11 days and was just at the ER yesterday but they sent me home, troponin normal, cardiac enzymes normal. I hope I make it till the cardiologist appointment. I hope you get your situation worked out. No-one should have to live in constant fear of dying. Anxiety level is on 10 but I am sure it's due to fear...constant fear.

  • DaMess
    DaMess, June 7,  2019  1:19pm EST

    Make understadning the source of your chest pain a top priority (check out my post for details on what can be lurking even if you feel okay/only have mild chest pains). I'm 48 and generally have been in good health. I also had chest pains that turned out to be a serious blockage.

    I understand that because most cardiac patients are even older than me, that medical professionals can think that younger people will have similar syptomes as older patients. I understand that without minimally invasive tests using contrast dyes, its not possible to determine if there are flow contrictions in younger people; younger blockages are from plaque which is harder to detect while this plaque often calcifies over time, which is easier to detect through non-invasive imaging tests. 

    I've dropped my cholesterol dramatically through an easy diet/excersise.  i'll share a post on what i've been doing. 



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