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Robert7, January 22,  2019  1:18pm EST

Diagnosed with Heart Disease

My cholestrol and triglycerides have been high for sometime and I was on and off on the meds over the past 10 years.   Now at 50 I have been diagnosed with heart disease from a Calcium score of 279.  I passed my stress test without any issue and the doctor was surprised about my score.   I am now on a statin, trilipix, and blood pressure meds. and have changed my eating - no sugar, very little red meat and low carbs.   Now sticking to chicken, fish, veggies, fruits and whole grains.    With all of this I am struggling mentally - keep thinking I am doomed to a death sentence.   Just looking for any advice or tips anyone can provide.   Thank you and God Bless.

5 Replies
  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 23,  2019  8:35pm EST

    Hi Robert,

    I had very similar feelings after I was diagnosed. But after treatment, some good coaching from my cardiologist and working hard at my recovery, my outlook changed to one of very positive. I think it's very encouraging that you did well on your stress test. What were some of your other test results? See if you can get a full report from your doctor. That said, you are taking the right steps in improving your diet. You should also include an exercise program that includes some weight training. Ask your doctor about this as well. Exercise will help ease your anxiety as well as help your heart. Most importantly though, try hard to eliminate your negative thoughts. As I said earlier I was so scared after my initial diagnosis, I found it difficult to go on. I found that the more I accepted my condition and what I was facing, the more I wanted to get past it and get on with my life. For me this meant accepting the treatment and doing all that I could to improve my health during recovery and beyond. So please don't panic. Technology and heart treatments are excellent today. We are fortunate to live in world we do where these treatments are not only available, but common.

    I wish you all the best!


  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 6,  2019  7:35pm EST

    Okay, not to sound insensitive, but we all die eventually, it''s how we live the life we have, and faith can give a better perspective.  Perhaps, when we reach a certain age, then have a medical crisis, it really makes us take a look at our lives and what''s important.  Young, healthy people think they'really invincible, like those rock climbers and stunt cyclists.  You have your life ahead of you, will learn more how to take care of yourself, and many years to enjoy.  Remembet, it''s a process, and like many others, you will have good times while you learn and make the adjustments.  You will discover what is hsppening and how to address, then you will be helping give advicr to others going through what you are experiencing now.  God bless.

  • grsnovi
    grsnovi, February 8,  2019  4:25pm EST

    Hey Robert - Hang in there! It sounds like you've taken a good step in changing your diet. I was first diagnosed with ultra-high cholesterol some 30 years ago. Took statins for about 10 years and gave up on them due to muscle pain. Then this past December (8 weeks ago) I had to have a stent placed because my right coronary artery was 99% blocked. My GP put me back on a statin (Crestor) and I made some radical changes to my diet. I've dropped 20 pounds since 12/1 and I worry that although I seem to be doing OK at the moment, with time I can see myself getting tired of eating rabbit food... :-) I'm 64 and I'm lucky to have a supportive wife. Take care of yourself and keep eating well. I think we all can get wrapped up with our mortality but as it has already been pointed out: it's out there for all of us. Lean on this group of folks and don't let it get you down.

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 9,  2019  1:12am EST

    I want to tell you how important a positive outlook can help, though it may be difficult right now.  Pastors and therapists may help keep things in perspective.  I had the cardiologist who should have been wearing a hooded robe and holding a scythe.  New cardiologist with a great attitude, along with rehab, made a big difference.  Where my first cardiologist shook his head, after weeks of rehab and my own approve exercise and activities, my doctor said heart function is normal and no longer talks about an internal defibrillator.  I recommend someone you can talk to aND tell everything, but also hobbies and things you can look forward to.  Can't think about this all the time.  I can tell you when I feEl positive and determined, it shows in heart readings.  God bless. 

  • anna76
    anna76, March 21,  2019  5:49pm EST

    Hi Robert.

    I am a 57 year old woman.  I ended up in the hospital with a BP reading of 190/110.  They did many tests, including a stress test which I passed greatly. They don't do cholestrol checks in the hospital I was told unless a stroke or heart attack has happened.  I went to my primary care doctor and was sent off for lab work. Which shows I have Triglicerides of 218.  Doctor says that's high. but did nothing about it.  I am also on two blood pressure meds. that I hate!!   I never had Hypertension then it hits.  Some depression came along with this.  I am fighting to bring down all my numbers daily.  I know how it can be.

    I have a question.  How do they find out about calcium that is not good for our hearts/blood?   I am not sure I had that test.  My doctor said Hypertension is a part of getting older, yet I have friends in their 60's who have no Hypertension.   Confused.

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