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Disheartened, October 8,  2019  5:02pm EST

Concerned and Curious

I was diagnosed with CAD in 2011 and had 82 % blockage of LAD with stent, but blew out arm with radial so had to go femoral.  Dr. pushed plaque with stent into small artery with heart muscle damage (isn't that heart attack?), he didn't report as such, but placed me in ICU for two days.  Come to find out, when seeing another cardio dr. less than two months later due to SOB, he noted abnormal stress and said I needed second heart cath, which was done femorally.  This time I was found to have 93% blockage of main artery and was stented.  In recovery, started hemorrhaging and had vasovagal response, had to lay flat of my back for 12 hours with no movement.  The wound didn't heal for over two months with going to wound care.  They gave me standard heart medications, but no cholesterol medications.  Needless to say, I didn't follow-up with cardiac dr.'s, until this summer 2019, my rheumatologist said she would not give me heart meds anymore.  I went to cardio appt, with abnormal stress and scheduled for cath.  He stented an 80% blockage in LAD, so now two stents in that artery, the right has 30% blockage, so not applicable for stent, but the kicker is the main artery.  I have three blockages in and around the stent, one 85%, one 95 to 100%, and the 3rd 95%.  During the cath, the cardio dr. came around and told me it did not look good and he would try his best.  He was unable to budge anything using 3 different size guide wires and actually nicked the artery.  Needless to say, I had to stay overnight for observation.  Next day, he came in and said we would try again in 6 weeks with smaller more flexible guidewire with hopeful outcome and another stent.  He stated I was not a candidate for bypass because below the three blockages the artery was very small, so nowhere to bypass to.  He said if he was unable to get in there, I would at that time be considered high risk and need to be seen by a specialist's specialist somewhere like in NY or Chicago.  I am praying for a good outcome, but at the same time am very nervous.  Anybody every heard of this?

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, October 9,  2019  10:44am EST

    I am so very sorry you are having to experience this.! Please know we are thinking of you. Best Katie

  • seattledave
    seattledave, October 9,  2019  12:40pm EST

    Disheartened - so sorry to hear what your going through.  I know the whole HA episode(s) totally freaked me out when it happened.  I can't imagine what your going thru.  And I can't beileve you waited 8 yrs to get back in to see a cardiologist !  And why was your rheumatologist prescribing you heart meds ?  I imagine that really pissed off the cardiologist !   Anyway, I really hope things settle down and your able to get the treatment you need to start recovering.  The thing about this CAD is it is survivable and we can get better.  But we have to do what we have to do to get to where we want to go.   And to answer your question - no, I have never heard of anything like this.  And I read most posts to this site.   I hope you have the friends and/or family support to help you through these trying times.  You've got us too.  Keep posting and asking questions.  And you might want to try posting to the Heart Attack survivors forum instead of the Chronic Conditions.  You'll get more readership and possibly responses.

    Stay strong and stay in touch.


  • Cath4
    Cath4, October 9,  2019  5:04pm EST

    Hi Disheartened, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through! I bled terrible after my cardiac cath, it’s awful. Please post under heart then heart attacks issues so more people will respond. I hope everything works out for you so you can start to heal. Please keep in touch & I hope the very best for you & your recovery! Cathy 

  • Mb120918
    Mb120918, October 9,  2019  6:41pm EST

    Hi disheartened,

    Very sorry to hear about the health problems that you are facing.  I agree with Seattledave and Cath4 about getting on the heart attack site, you will be surrounded by people that can help you.  The only thing I can say at the moment is to try to find a specialist.  It sounds like you need extra help and are not getting it.   Please explain why you are in this situation ie.  remote location, etc... The rhumatoligist is not qualified to prescribe cardiac drugs. ??? 

     I hope that you will be getting some better care.  Looking forward to hearing from you on the cardiac HA site.  There are so many of us on the site all with things in common as well as many differences but all help each other.  



  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, October 9,  2019  7:54pm EST

    Hi Disheartened,

    I am very surprised they can't do a bypass operation. I believe my own situation was similar to yours. When I went through the cath procedure for stenting, the doctor saw multple blockages and immediately aborted. He very bluntly told me that three of the four main arteries going into my heart were severely blocked and that before we can proceed with anything, we have to consult a surgeon. I knew exactly what he was thinking and questioned him on it. I asked if stenting was still an option and he was concerned about a couple of critcal areas. He told me that if a piece breaks off, that's a heart attack. Long story short, I had a quintuple bypass. I was told that this is the better, healthier option and in the long run, I would be better off. I have not regretted having it done. 

    I would definitely seek other opinions. I agree with Mary about trying to find a specialist. If not for the fact that I felt I was getting good care, I would have looked for another doctor myself. Prior to my surgery, I researched my surgeon's background and the hospital's record. I was happy with what I discovered. Please do some research. I also recommend a book called Straight From My Heart by Bob Sluys. The author experienced 4 open heart surgeries and in the process researched medical professionals. It's a quick but very good read!

    I wish you well and hope you get the care you need.


  • jerzeycate
    jerzeycate, October 10,  2019  11:26am EST


    Having had the conversation myself, "She has 3 months."  "Take her home. Make her comfortable. Get her affairs in Order." I can imagine how you feel. First -- Do not give up!!! Those warnings about me were given Nearly Seven Years Ago.

    While I won't go into the whole story right now, I will tell you that the Cardio whose Treatment Plan was to make me comfortable and get my affairs in order was, after I stopped sobbing uncontrollably FIRED.

    I asked the Primary Care Doc, "If I was Your mother, sister, wife...Which Cardiologist would you call for a consult?"

    Two hours later that Cardiologist was in my ICU room.

    While his diagnosis was the same, he Actually had a treatment plan that did not involve letting me die.

    I recommend that you see another doctor immediately. Preferably one your PCP would take his family too (or if you know a Nurse ask them that question, they will tell you.

    If by chance they won't give you a name--Call the physicians group at Robert Wood Johnson, or one of the other University Hospitals (RWJUH at Hamilton and several others). and see one of the Cardios who teach at Rutgers. You can also pull up a list of Cardios from RWJUH and Google them. There are always Rock Starsat University hospitals and, btw RWJUH has been named one of the very best hospitals for cardiology treatment in the nation., by a number of organizations and publications that rank hospitals. 

    You also have the Deborah Heart & Lung Center that is available to you. Get an appoint there for a Second Opinion. People travel from all over the world to be seen by Docs there. They are top of the field. I see that the NFL has chosen Deborah to care for the Alumni (and their families) who have cardiac problems.

    You also have the option of going into the city---But You Don't Have To do that. There are several hospitals and cardiologists around the State of NJ that provide superior care.

    I wish you the best. While there are no guarantees (I could be hit by a truck tomorrow), there is also no reason to hold onto the gloom and doom prognosis. At least not before you get another opinion by a Top Notch Cardio. IT took me from a prognosis of "She has 3 months" to a life where I am actively living almost 7 YEARS LATER...

    If you need any further assistance or would like to talk further--please let me know.

    It's A Great Day To Be Alive...





  • yarn007
    yarn007, October 12,  2019  1:47am EST

    Must admit I have not heard of this.   Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time of it.   All of that going on must have you pretty freaked out.   Just know we are here for you if you need a shoulder to lean on.


  • Amymflip
    Amymflip, October 12,  2019  6:20pm EST

    Goodness...The fact that you were not immediately put on a high dose statin after your first issue is shocking to me.

    Do you feel that the current cardiologist is AMAZING? If not, perhaps it is time to move on...seriously. You deserve excellent care and sometimes that is not easy to receive given our geographical location. In my case for examle, I have to drive 2 hours each time I see a cardiologist, but I am worth it. Will going to one of the suggested clinics be possible for you? If so, perhaps you could go sooner than later?  That's just my initial thoughts.

    Hang in there, don't lose hope or let frustration take over. There are always options and we are all here to listen and support you as you find your way.

  • BartO
    BartO, November 13,  2019  6:10am EST

    When you get back on your feet I would make some serious lifestyle changes to stop this from happening again I know I had to. Best of luck!

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