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Aj052112, April 12,  2020  7:37pm EST


Hi. This is the first time I'm posting in you support group i went too many doctors because of my condition, i have been experiencing chest pain, arm, back, shouder and sometimes jaw pain but all of them says its muscles, and had found out I have myofascial pain syndrome. I have been to my cardiologist latelyand conducted ecg, echo and blood works and the result was thickened anterior mitral valve leaflets with good closing and opening motion and my cholesterol was high but she told me that I dont have any heart disease. But im still worried especially now that I am experiencing such symptoms of having or before having a heart attack. Im very confused because of the similarities of the symptoms of my myofascial pain syndrome. I dont know what to. I need your advice. Thank you. 

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  • AlyAHA
    AlyAHA, April 20,  2020  7:11pm EST

    Welcome to the Support Network! I'm so sorry to hear about the symptoms you've been having and can imagine the frustration. That is great you're seeing a cardiologist and checking in on your symptoms. Do you have a specialist you see about the myofascial pain syndrome? Something I have found very helpful is keeping a symptom journal so you can refer back to it. I like to note sleep, activity level, food, medications, etc. so I can see what may be contributing to worsened symptoms. Doctors can be more attentive to other needs if you come prepared to visits with something tangible to review. Best of luck getting some relief and answers!

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