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Khoobano60, August 5,  2019  5:43pm EST

Chest discomfort

I'm a 58yo Male two heart attack survivor 2007 and 2008 ,I have 5 stens, HBP ,HC  CAD  and COPD also Diabetes I got a heart pacemaker The micra TPS who was implanted inside the heart now I have this chest discomfort  ,sometime I felt like electrical impulses that comes and goes. My cardiologist doesn't pay much attention to that but I feel scared about 

Any one out here with the same or similar situation please let me know

Thanks in Advance 


3 Replies
  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, August 6,  2019  4:17pm EST

    Hi Carlos,

    Did your cardiologist try to explain the pains at all? Sometimes they just don't know or are just grasping at straws. I haven't had any kind of implants but I have had unexplained chest pains long after my coronary artery disease diagnosis years ago. My cardiologist gives it her best guess but ultimately shw doesn'r have an explanation. What she does do is conduct tests to make sure my heart is functioning properly. I typically accept those results.


  • denniskemp
    denniskemp, October 23,  2019  12:50am EST

    It's probably not a heart attack. But as an American who has had related symptoms, I feel your pain. The stiffness is likely due to stress or anxiety, which might well be on a subconscious level. It may very well be due to bad posture or an infection/inflammation in the lungs. I suggest heading to the local clinic where costs are significantly lower. essay help online

  • Williamdave
    Williamdave, January 3,  2020  1:13am EST

    Did your cardiologist attempt to clarify the agonies by any stretch of the imagination? Here and there they simply don't have a clue or are simply trying in vain. I haven't had any sort of inserts yet I have had unexplained chest torments long after my coronary course sickness conclusion years back. My cardiologist gives it her best conjecture, in any case, she doesn't have a clarification. What she does is lead tests to ensure my heart is working appropriately. I normally acknowledge those outcomes.UK essay writer

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