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Leighyancey, February 23,  2020  4:58pm EST

Blockages with persistent plaque

Heart attack 9.24.19 with 3 stents.  All ekg, blood work etc normal. Cholesterol was 219. Changed diet and started cardiac rehab but never felt good after and continued to have nagging chest pain. on 10.14.19 (give or take) had a stress test which doc said normal. On 11.1.19 had another cath which resulted in a “restent” of the mid LAD (99% blocked with plaque) it was blocked at 100% originally.  Cholesterol panel was 116 from the 219 in sept. Went through cardiac rehab and graduated.  was doing fine until Late Jan (22) when started having chest pain again. Called cardiologist. Tried to wait it out till he on staff at hospital to have a cath on. 2/6. Did not make it. Had cath on 4th resulting in 2 stents in opening of LAD and exit if LAD. 85% and 95% blocked with plaque. These blockages were not there in November. Again all ekgs, blood work etc normal. Doc said they can’t go by tests on me they have to listen to me. My Cholesterol panel was 108 down from November. Doc has changed blood thinner to Effient and added ranexa. He has also added Repatha which is in the process of being approved by ins. Doc has said after adding this Med does not know what else to do. They know what is causing it. But not why. My cholesterol is great the plaque is still causing problems. I am at my wits end. I follow the docs instructions and medicines to the T but nothing seems to be helping. 

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 23,  2020  8:29pm EST

    So very sorry to hear the struggles you're going through. You are doing all that you can do at this point and it is good that your doctor seems to be on top of your treatment. Given that you keep getting plague buildup, a more aggresive blood thinner seems like a wise choice. You should continue to exercise as much as your doctor will allow you to. This will also help in the lowering of your cholesterol. Please try and remain as positive as you can!

    Wishing you well!


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