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gshaw11, August 27,  2019  10:44pm EST

Transferring your love one

Hello, I am new to the ASA support network. My father was recently transferred to an acute rehabilitation facility from the hospital, but there are numerous concerns about the healthcare he will receive outside of PT and Speech Therapy. Does anyone have suggestions on how to handle the transfer process to another facility and how difficult it is to get a transfer?

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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 28,  2019  9:37am EST

    Good morning, I am so sorry that your family is having to manage this. We have a good section of materials in the Stroke Rehab section of our website.  I think the Choosing the Right Facility and the Accreditated Rehabilitation Facilities might be good places to start. When you find the new rehab facility that you feel will give your father the best care, talk with them about how to start the transfer process. They should be able to explain what you need to do and help with each step. 

    Please let us know how this goes and if you need more information. 

    Best Katie

  • Matthew1
    Matthew1, August 30,  2019  8:44am EST

    Hi, I’m sorry you’re going thru this. As a stroke survivor who was also transferred from a hospital ICU to a rehab facility , I know it can be confusing.   The first thing I recommend is a one on one with his neurologist at the rehab facility. You must learn exactly what happened and his current medical state and what he needs and if they can accommodate him. Next, you need to educate yourself . My wife was my advocate and learned about the rehab/medical priorities and time sensitive issues. Definitely meet with the social worker at the clinic and ask many questions, including if that rehab clinic can provide what he needs. They often help you find another facility if need be. Above all, you must take the lead. While most doctors and clinicians have your best interests in mind, no one is more invested than you and your family. Make as many inquiries within the facility and of other facilities as you need!!!   I hope this helps. 

  • Frantastic3
    Frantastic3, August 31,  2019  9:49am EST

    Good Morning Everyone,

    My name is Francine, and i'm 35 years old.  I am new to this group and looking for any support or any suggestions possible.  My father had a AVM rupture stroke almost 5 years ago, when he was 68.  He had emergengy surgery and amazinlgy regained his physical abilities and his speech is ok, but suffers from server aphasia and with that comes a lot of other very difficult challenges, too many to explain here.  My mother also had a stroke when I was 8 years old.  My father was the prime caregiver for years, a highly education engineer and was recently retired and enjoying his life after moving to Texas. His stroke has changed everything. He will not accept it, my mother living with him (they are now in Florida) is depressed and recentful.  My father won't accept help, won't see a therapist, screams, swears, and explains that this isn't his life.  He remembers everything about his past life.  I live in Massachusetts and my brother is in Georgia.  Trying to care for them from a far is almost impossible, but I do the best I can and my parents get by living a quality of life that is heartbreaking. I am looking to potentailly move them back to the Massachusetts area, they are not getting any younger and sadly nothing will ever get better.  If any one has any suggestions on how to even start that process I would greatly appriecate hearing, also if there are any support groups in person in the Boston or Worcester area that you attend I would be interested in joining.  This is hard, mentally draining and breaks my heart daily.  My father while alive, was lost a long time ago and I cope by having distance but need help and suggestions on all levels. My father can not rationalize or understand that things are not the same, and that he is not the same.  I appreciate your time and understanding and send my thoughts and prayers to all you are coping with in your lives as well. 



  • JKViggiano
    JKViggiano, September 4,  2019  12:03pm EST

    Hi Francine. Stroke is so cruel. I have heard many caregivers say their loved one died and someone else came back in their body. I wish I had great words of wisdom for you. Logically, your dad has a second chance at life! It might not look like the life he expected, but it will be the life he decides to create. But stroke survivors can't always find or accept that logic. I am so sorry. 

  • Angela816
    Angela816, December 30,  2019  9:35pm EST

    I have just gone through this process myself tonight marks 24 hours of my dad being home from his acute rehab center. I have actually took advantage of my Fmla to stay at home with my dad to help him through this process of his OT and P.T. at home until he's safe to be at home on his own so I can get back to work. I guess it all depends on what type of insurance he has to see what he will need after the acute rehab. Your first thing is to see what is available through his insurance and go from there.

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