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nancym97, August 22,  2019  6:22pm EST

Tips for Short-Term Memory Improvement?


I am glad to have found this forum. My mom had a hemorrhagic stroke nine months ago. She is doing very well overall, but her short term memory is almost nil. Does anyone have any tips for improving her memory? Or is it a lost cause? I live 400 miles away and I wish there was something I could do to help her improve her memory. Cheers, Nancy

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  • Caryn
    Caryn, August 22,  2019  8:01pm EST

    Hi nancym97 -

    I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I know it must be really tough on you to be so far away from her as you both maneuver through this journey.

    After my husband had his stroke (also hemorrhagic), I thought he was experiencing some type of Alzheimers or stroke-related dementia. What I learned is that his executive function was damaged by the stroke so he has a really hard time with anything that involves a process, logical thinking, organization, etc. So what appears as forgetfulness to you and me, is actually a lack of process for the stroke survivor. If that might be what is happening with your mom, I learned two tricks that help. 1) everything is small, do-able steps. They get lost if you give them more than one thing to do; and 2) sometimes pictures help, so step by step pictures forr instance to brush their teeth or get dressed, etc. I post these step-by-step pictures where he can see them and use them as guides.

    Good luck with the upcoming adjustments.  Caring for a stroke survivor is a full-time job so take care of yourself in the process.


  • nancym97
    nancym97, August 22,  2019  9:30pm EST

    Hi, Caryn, Thanks. Yes, my mother is totally disorganized and used to be highly organized. She tries to make lists of steps to accomplish a task, but then loses the list. She uses a notebool but it's a mess. Luckily she is able to live alone now, but I worry about her declining.

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