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Bran7985, July 24,  2019  5:14pm EST

Stroke Caregiver income?

Hello, my mother suffered a stroke 2 years ago. It affected the right side of her body.  Along with that, her diabetes become so severe she had to have her left foot amputated. so it was a double whammy.. she is in PT , speech and OT.. Which are all helping. The pyshical aspect is something my family and I can take care of, but the mental aspect is an entire different ball game. its very hard. anyway, my dad retired 3 months ago so is always home with her. are there any type of finacnial assistant or benefits he can receive being that he is her primary caretaker? i just need help in the right direction on where to begin that process. thanks so much

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  • Stutzmanb
    Stutzmanb, August 8,  2019  2:49pm EST

    Try your local Area Office of aging. In PA my husband qualifies for their Options Program, which is based on the patient's being eligible for a nursing home under health  conditions than rather than income guidelines. They pay for him to go to a wonderful day care 2 days a week. He loves getting out. They play games, do crafts, have music therapy, etc + have a nice lunch sent in. He has fun. The lottery pays for the transportation mostly (costs me 2.75 each way instead of 50 some dollars each way.)   And I am free!!!!!

    He is 6 years out from a massive left side stroke, can talk very little, walks with assistance, anxiety, etc. I tell people I am 36 hour a day care giver and if there were 3 of me I could get half of everything done i to need to do in a day

    You might also talk with her insurance. Request a counselor, manager or social worker and see what services they could help you with.

  • Rena11874
    Rena11874, August 22,  2019  10:17am EST

    Try Aging and Disability Services Office and DHS. Most states now have some type of program that will pay family members as caregivers.  

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