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dsmerrill, August 24,  2020  2:28pm EST

Social Security Disability

Dear fellow caregivers.   My husband had 2 strokes in May.   It has been recommended that I apply for Social Security Disability.   Do you have any advice for me as I begin this process?


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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, August 25,  2020  9:31am EST

    Good morning, we do have information on finances and insurance to help you.  You can read through these pages and see if you find helpful information. And our members might have suggestions for you as well. Best Katie

  • bahami1019
    bahami1019, September 7,  2020  1:18pm EST

    I just went through this process and it is lengthy. I don't know if your spouse's situation is physical or cognitive but because my husband's issue was a cognitive one and quite severe I made sure to fill in the SS Disability paperwork once it became clear he was not going to be able to work again - it took me a few months as I was ever hopeful he would recover. I had a Medical Power of Attorney and a regular Power of Attorney so it made things a little easier. One of the most important things I did was to have a NeuroPsych Evaluation ordered by his neurologist which examines the patient for cognitive abilities and gives their opinion as to their ability to work, etc. The reason it took so long was that my husband had several hundred medical records they had to go through. It typically takes several months to go through the process. You will also have to arrange with Social Security to get their document which essentially gives you the right to ask them questions for your spouse as they do not accept the Medical or regular POA. I don't know how you'll do it since most SS offices are closed but there should be a way to handle this over the phone. Typically most people are denied the first time they apply but we were lucky in that he was approved the first time out but I think it was because the medical records proved he is permanently disabled.  Also, be careful, since getting his disability we have gotten dozens of Spam calls that states he is losing his disability where they are trying to get your information - Social Security will NEVER call you by phone to tell you this - it would always be in written form. 

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