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AndiG, March 21,  2019  2:29pm EST

New to the stroke world

I'm so glad I found this wonderful site and space. My dad had a few minor strokes on Monday and was released from the hospital last night. He has no lasting effects and seems back to normal, but my mom, brother and I can't help but worry. You see my dad has basically 9 lives. He was diagnosed with Afib 10 years ago and has been on various medicines for that and doing well. In 2012 he was diagnosed with myelofibrosis (which is a rare blood disorder/cancer). He was stable with that until 2015 at which time he had a splenectomy and then a stem cell transplant. He recovered well from all of that and then in April of 2018 he relapsed and has MDS now (another rare blood disorder/cancer). He was doing well with that and then due to his platelets being low he had a torn bowel during a colonoscopy in late October that almost killed him. Was recovering from that and then had minor strokes on Monday. He is a tough guy but I think the thought and fear of having the strokes in the first place scared him. Because of his cancer and his platelets being low they can't really give him anything. His brother is with him today and tomorrow he has a visit with the cancer doctor and then next week a follow up with our family doctor and cancer doctor. In a week or so he will have a follow up with the stroke team. I have terrible anxiety but try to hide it from him because I feel like I need to be strong for my family. My partner is the only person I can really share my fears with. How do you all get along with living after something like this? Is the worry of another stroke always there or will it just fade more the further out we get. Now that we know what to look for more we hope to be able to catch it earlier next time. 

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  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, March 22,  2019  2:04am EST

    Prayers.  Trust in Him Who made you and watches over you.  Thi's is not a religious share.  It''s a matter of faith knowing you were put here and can ask for help.  God bless. 

  • Kdogg240
    Kdogg240, March 22,  2019  10:55am EST

    Hey Andi, my wife had a stroke about 3yrs ago. Your experiences with your father are understandably causing anxiety. And if you already have issues with anxiety, I’m sure they are being exacerbated right now. I can speak from my experience only. But I have always been a high strung person. I know it is a defense mechanism that only gets worse when there has been something like a stroke entering your life. My wife has aphasia and seizures now post stroke and I find my anxiety comes and goes depending on how she is feeling. Also we have a 4yr old child, so I am always worried about him as well. Which adds to the stress and anxiety. What I can tell you is that being here on this site and other support group sites and telling your story is a huge help to get rid of some of that anx. Until I started posting things and listening to feedback, I was a mess of feelings. Anger, worry, sadness, and a bunch of other bad thoughts and feelings. Putting all of my concerns and just weekly thoughts down on this site has helped tremendously. This is like my therapy place. Keep asking for guidance and being open to others experiences and input. We will be praying for your father and your family for positive energy and a positive outcome. Stay strong for your family and yourself. Sometimes that’s all we can do in the face of adversity. 

    Take care and feel free to ask questions when you have them. We are here to listen and help if we can. Good luck!!


  • JKViggiano
    JKViggiano, March 26,  2019  1:59pm EST

    Hi Andi.  Your dad does have 9 lives! I hope you and your family can make the turn from worrying about what might happen to finding joy in the days you have. I hope you celebrate his amazing resilience and appreciate each day that you all have together.  At first it is all shocking and disturbing. It is awful. Try not to hold onto that for too long--let it pass. 

    The clock is ticking for all of us. Let's not waste our time with worry and anxiety.  


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