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CassMull, December 4,  2018  10:21am EST

Looking for Alternatives

My mother suffered a stroke just under a year ago and is still in a lot of pain. She doesn't "agree" with conventional treatments, and does not want to take more medication than necessary. We've tried various different things, from acupuncture to herbal remedies but nothing is really working. I live in Ireland so I don't really have direct access to many alternatives, but I've been reading a lot about balms made from hemp oil that can supposedly reduce pain. I don't know much about cannabis or if hemp is necessarily the same thing, I've read conflicting posts. If you don't know what I'm talking about its creams like these that say they can help with seizures and pain... I was wondering if any of you have experience with using hemp balm for CPSP?? or if its even safe?

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, December 5,  2018  9:05am EST

    Good morning, I can share this article on Coping with Pain and Pain Management, Post Stroke. I also look forward to reading some of what our members share with you. Alternative therapies do have a place in healing, just make sure you talk with your mother's medical team before making any changes. Best Katie 

  • JKViggiano
    JKViggiano, December 5,  2018  11:47am EST

    Hi CassMull. So sorry about your mom and her pain. It's got to be tough for you being far away.

    Please keep in mind that those balms and creams are still medications, just unregulated and unproven medications. The myth that "natural" and "bontanical" remedies are somehow better and without risk is just that--a myth.  Talk to her doctor about alternatives.  Maybe ask for a referral to a naturalpathic doctor if she wants to try that route. Self-medicating is usually a huge mistake. She is probably on other meds so the doctor will need to understand how all the meds/creams/balms interact.

    I completely understand wanting to try anything and everything to alleviate pain. It is awful. I hope you take the safe route.


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, December 14,  2018  9:00am EST

    Hello, i just wanted to check and see how things are going? Best Katie 

  • dahuegon
    dahuegon, January 8,  2019  12:39pm EST

    JKVggiano, I don't know why you're saying that botanical remedies as hemp treatment are myths. If you look the attached video, you'll see a reputated doctor talking about diabetes and how you can see a reputated Dr talkin about diabetes and how its effects can be mitigated by cannabis-based therapies.

    And here, you can also read about medical cannabis in Spain used as alternative therapies

    Of course you have to be in touch with your Dr. but this kind of alternative therapies, really can help with most of the effects without causing any risk.

  • ArethaMorce
    ArethaMorce, March 21,  2019  1:45pm EST

    I was looking for a right marijuana strain that could help me with my chronic back pain. I'm suffering from it for almost 2 months now I just don't know if it's connected to my work since I'm sitting more or less 9 hours. I came a cross with this marijuana strain from This is the first time that I would be taking medical marijuana.  I'm not sure if this would be effective with my back pain. Also is there any other way using it medically?

  • dahuegon
    dahuegon, April 25,  2019  11:46am EST

    @ArethaMorce, your pain is surely due to your work. You must find ways to get better sitted, 'cause as I've said, your pain is due to your work, related with your sitting position

  • Iws46
    Iws46, September 23,  2019  10:49am EST

    ArethaMorce. If you want medicinal cannabis seeds without psychoactive effects, you should look for a variety rich in CBD and low in THC. Here you can find many. In the search engine, type CBD and then see looking at the proportions. Marijuana Seeds

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