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GiraffeGirl, November 11,  2020  8:24pm EST

Ideas for caregiver strength-training

Short version:

Are there any at-home strength traning workout plans out there specifically designed for caregivers?


Long version:

This afternoon, my grandma and I fell in the middle of a wheelchair-to-bed, squat-pivot transfer. By some combination of divine grace, dumb luck, and proper (albiet failed) technique, neither of us were injuried.

Lessons learned:

1. The steps to prepare for a transfer -- moving wheelchair footrests, wide stance, lifting with the knees -- also help prevent injuries when things go wrong.

2. A Hoyer lift can be used to pick someone up from the floor. (Why I didn't use the lift for this transfer is a long story that started with this afternoon's OT session.)

3. I really need to do some strength training.

I don't have money for a gym membership (not that I'd want to go during this pandemic) or a personal trainer. Does anyone know if there are any at-home workout plans that are specifically targeted to caregivers? If not, does anyone have suggestions for how to put something like that together from other resources available online?


2 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, November 12,  2020  8:57am EST

    I have a great resource for you. Go to our Facebook page and scroll to the video section. Right, when COVID hit we did a Move More Video series and there are daily workouts you can do. The series is designed to people with a wide range of fitness, so you should be able to start at the beginning and begin to build strength. Plus they are fun, entertaining and can help with the stressful part of caregiving. Please let me know if you are able to find the videos. Best Katie

  • GiraffeGirl
    GiraffeGirl, November 12,  2020  10:10am EST

    Thanks, Katie!

    No problem finding the videos, but it will be a few days before I try them.

    I must have instinctively tried to absorb most of the impact from our fall yesterday so my grandma wouldn't get hurt, because today I'm sore in a lot of places that didn't hit the floor when we landed. I'm going to take time to recover before I start trying to build strength.

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