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jesstobi, September 5,  2020  3:39am EST

Go away Covid

My mom was transferred to a Skilled Nursing Facility today and they are not allowing visitors at the moment due to Covid.  I have been visiting her every single day since I arrived here, June 20, 2020. I am really having a difficult time processing this. I don't think this is good for her recovery.  I am so worried she might become sad and then this will be a setback for her.  I tried voicing my opinion with the facility and before even advising me of the alternative visiting options, they made it sound like my mom wasn't mentally capable of knowing who and when she is visited.  They offer 1 window visit per week and 1 zoom video call per day for 40 minutes.   I know video calls won't work because 5 minutes into one with family and she was asleep or not interested. The window visits, not sure how those work, will have to wait until next week.  

To everybody going through this situations due to Covid-19, I pray that God gives us the strength and may he give the scientists all the knowledge they need to find a cure!

Stay safe,


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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 14,  2020  9:03am EST

    Jess, I can completely relate to this. My mother is %100 bed-bound and in the final stages of a disease called normal pressure hydrocephalus. It was not until she was accepted into Hospice care that the facility where she lives allowed me to come in and see her on a regular basis.  We are living through very challenging times and I appreciate your sharing your thoughts will all of us. Best Katie

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