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janefinstrom, January 10,  2019  1:28am EST

what are the best things i can do to support my husbands bypass surgery

Hi,  My husband found out in an angiogram that he needed triple bypas surgery. The surgery is February 18.  What are the practical emotional, and loving things I can do to promote his healing.  What tricks do all of you have that work?  Thanks, Jane

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  • Birdsnhorses
    Birdsnhorses, January 13,  2019  9:02pm EST

    Healthy food, drink, herbs for taste. And laugh, laugh, laugh. I resorted to a joke book for awhile.

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 14,  2019  8:42am EST

    Welcome to the Support Network and thank you for coming to us for help. I can share the information that we have regarding caregivers and support for you. Please let me know if this is helpful and please know that you are not alone, we are here for you. Best Katie 

  • AmbassadorR
    AmbassadorR, January 14,  2019  4:17pm EST

    Hi Jane,

    I think you are taking the right first step looking for ways to help your husband after surgery. What you may find is that heart surgery recovery is not just a bit tough for the patient, but can also be for the caregiver. I have had heart surgery twice. Before each surgery I asked those who were going to helped me, to forgive me if I became angry or unreasonable. Most of the time they did. Your husband, not knowing what to expect, may not ask, but be patient with him and try and forgive him should he not be the best recovery patient. At times you may feel unappreciated, but try not to. Your husband will be going through a lot of different feelings that are not  always easy to cope with. His heart, and his recovery, may be on his mind everyday for months, even as he gets better. That's normal. I now have so much respect for caregivers and so will your husband.

    With my girlfriend, Patricia, our recovery routine became just that: a routine. Same thing everyday, but she was sweet enough to do it for me everyday. After a few weeks I was able to do most things on my own. Well, I didn't shower as much. I was afraid of getting my incisions wet before they healed, but she even forgave that. 

    If one has never gone through this before everyday will be a learning process, but you two will learn quickly. He may ask for things that you feel he should do for himself, but he's most likely asking because he, in fact, can't do those things yet. One thing Patricia always made me do, however,  was any exercise or activity the doctors suggested for recovery. She did not accept no for an answer. This definitely helped in my recovery. 

    This site is a good place to go for any help you need. You are welcome to contact me if there is anything else I can answer.





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