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roguedoctor, January 25,  2019  7:34pm EST


actually I'm not sure where to put this question..... I have been a researching for approximately 7 years....I have found many many articles, on stem cells, heart rejuvenation, age progression and reversal, taken several cardiology courses... And had even talked to actually cardiologist.... But in all the literature and researching I've been unable to find a direct answer as evening cardiologists that have been in the field for more than 20 years seem to be puzzled by this question.... And that is simple can RBBB happen from left ventricle problems and not right ventricle.....


In the literature and in the courses and in all my research RBBB usually occurs on the right side of the heart and can be affected by pressure which in turn can be caused by the heart but also by the lungs and or other factors such as high blood pressure etc..... Any time pressure in the right ventricle increases at RBBB can be fact the literature suggest is that it can be a benign finding... But I have found nothing stating that RBBB can happen from the dilation or damage to the left ventricle leaving the right ventricle untouched and the left ventricle is usually controlled by the LBB.. so my question is is it possible for the left ventricle to cause a RBBB and not the right ventricle?  the literature lacks the answer, cardiologist lacked the answer, stating that there are not for sure if it's possible or not... they can't rule it out, but cannot confirm it either... Thank you for any responseas your answers will help us hopefully guide my research.. As I prepare to dive into gene editing....

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  • NurseTessa
    NurseTessa, February 1,  2019  11:06am EST

    It’s unlikely that a RBBB would be cause by only the LV. If the LV dilation is significant enough to impose strain on the RV, it’s possible I suppose. Have you spoken with an electrophysiologist? This is the smartest EP doc I know.

  • DolphinWrite
    DolphinWrite, February 12,  2019  12:34am EST

    From a relative Newby who had a ha.  Two things:  keep researching, inform the doctors, and share.  Second, relax and live your life.  😊

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