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foamman, September 9,  2019  6:16pm EST

Mechanical Heart

My husband in stage 3 heart failure, he is at his limit to any new medications, there is nothing more the cardiologist can do for him but tweak his current medications. He also referred my husband to Santa Clara Kaiser, for a meeting on a possible mechanical heart. This will not prolong his life they say, but will give him a better qulity of life being able to do more thing, he is on oxygen most of the time, and very weak. He had a mild heart attack and many other complications, and was in and out of the hospital for 20 days in august of this year. He turned 70 this year, and has had heart problems since he was a chilld, (heart attack at age 6) and rhemmatic fever.

His cardiologist has given him a 40% chance of lasting 5 year. He just completed physical therpy at home, and the home health care nurse is still coming, he also has a PT appt on the 25th for 40% compressions on both legs for lymphadema.  

I am his wife, of 49 years, and am looking for support, and any insight on the mechanical heart, pros and cons, etc. thanks


5 Replies
  • foamman
    foamman, September 10,  2019  9:59pm EST

    AHAASAKatie, yes that is the device, i will check your link thank you

  • foamman
    foamman, September 22,  2019  11:12pm EST

    Update, my husband has to now have the bike stress test, then the next day (in October) he has to have the right and left catherization in his neck done.Last week they had him see his neurologist for the memory loss, and has now been also diagnosed with dementia and early alzheimers. My worry is now thst that has happened they will deny the mechanical heart due to them saying "HE" has to be able to take care of everything ( leads, batteries) and with dementia etc, well how will he remember, his memory is terrible. 

    It just seems like one thing leads to another, poor guy can't catch a break at all.


  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, September 23,  2019  8:55am EST

    I am so very sorry that this is happening to you both. Please know that we are here for you. Best Katie

  • clnal90
    clnal90, October 12,  2019  3:03am EST

    I've heard of either a transplant or an LVAD. Not a mechanical heart so I'm not much help there. 

    My brother is end stage heart failure. So I know what you are dealing with. If you need to talk I'm here.

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