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vambam, January 31,  2019  10:09am EST

Looking for local support group


I'm new here. My husband had bypass on 1/8/19. He has multiple issues. I'm looking for a local support group for people like me- caregivers as I'm finding this to be just a bit much. I'm located in Baltimore, MD. Does anyone know of anything?


5 Replies
  • RIP12
    RIP12, January 31,  2019  10:53am EST

    Have you asked your husbands doctors if they know of any support groups for heart paticents and cargivers or you might try a search for Mended Hearts. I would think there is a group in Baltimore.


  • vambam
    vambam, January 31,  2019  11:00am EST

    Thanks, I've tried everything you've suggested, I've contacted everyone and there doesn't seem to be anyone who knows of anything. But thanks for trying. I guess I'm going this alone.



  • biscuiteater
    biscuiteater, February 1,  2019  1:28pm EST

    You are not alone in feeling alone. In Little Rock, AR feeling the same. My 40 year old husband had heart attack and quintuple bypass in August and every day is a struggle. I pray for normalcy, just one day of it. Good luck to you. Always here if you need to chat. 

  • vambam
    vambam, February 1,  2019  4:46pm EST

    Thanks, It’s just so overwhelming and there’s so much to do and I’ I’m so tired all the time. I’m for sure I’m gonna forget something. 

  • biscuiteater
    biscuiteater, February 1,  2019  7:47pm EST

    Agreed. Just take one hour at a time and try not to look too far ahead. 

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