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Beachvibes75, March 17,  2021  4:38pm EST

Husband Just Diagnosed with Low Ejection Fraction

Hello I am new to this site and new to this all.  My husband is 50 years old and has cardiology check ups and testing done every 2 years due to his father having CHF and him having, what we found out about 10 years ago, is a left bundle branch block.  He had his regular echo a few weeks ago and came back with an EF of 30.  He put him on a low dose of Metoprolol and ordered him a LifeVest that he has been wearing since. The cardiologist also ordered a left heart cath that confirmed there was nothing structurally wrong with his heart but confirmed also the low EF.  We have a follow up appt with the cardiologist in a few weeks to see where we go from here.  For now, he's a week out from the heart cath and his groin area is just now not hurting from the procedure.  He hates wearing the LIfevest but we are grateful to have it until we can improve his condition - I hope with everything that's possible.  It sucks dealing with this on top of everything else that's going on right now - he lost his job back in May 2020 due to COVID and has been unemployed since then and now this.... you just wonder how much more you can take.... luckily I work full time and we have health insurance through my employer.  My parents live with us and can help with finances if things come to that but..... it just.... sucks.

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  • AHAModerator
    AHAModerator, March 18,  2021  8:55am EST

    Good morning, 

    Thank you for joining the Support Network and sharing your husbands' story. We are happy you all are here. I'm so sorry to hear you are both going through all of this. I hope you find the support and sense of community you are looking for here. As you wait for others to respond, I can provide some resources on Mental Health and Well-Being, Improving Low Ejection Fraction, and Ejection Fraction

    Please keep us updated on how your husband is doing. 

    Best wishes, 

    AHA Moderator 

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