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Sandy2121, January 15,  2020  9:20am EST

EKG still abnormal after bypass surgery

Hello I'm hoping someone can give me some relief and can relate to what I am feeling. My husband is only 37 yrs old and due to genetics had to undergo bypass surgery after having a heart attack. He has what they call the widow maker. His surgery was on December 5th and he is back to work now and doing very well, but his EKG is still showing up abnormal, which we are told is not uncommon. I'm having a hard time accepting this and it makes me worry even more. 

6 Replies
  • Suerapzen
    Suerapzen, January 15,  2020  9:39am EST

    Hi Sandy

    my husband went into afib twice after his quadruple surgery. The second time was more than a month after surgery. His cardiologist said that it is very common to have arrhythmias while the heart is healing. After the second time, his rhythm spontaneously returned to normal with occasional extra beats, which they are not concerned about. His rhythm corrected about 4 months ago. Since he still has occasional extra beats, he is on metroprolol.  If your husband is going to cardiac rehab,  his heart is monitored at each session and that should reassure you. 

  • Sandy2121
    Sandy2121, January 15,  2020  9:47am EST

    Thank you. He had a follow up appt yesterday and has to schedule his rehab now. 

  • Suerapzen
    Suerapzen, January 15,  2020  11:41am EST

    No problem. It does get less scary. It's been 5 months since my husband had his surgery and he's improving each week. He's graduating from rehab Friday! 

  • Sandy2121
    Sandy2121, January 15,  2020  6:53pm EST


  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 15,  2020  8:23pm EST

    HI Sandy.

    After my bypass surgery, my EKG also showed slight abnormality. In fact, before the surgery, my cardiologist told me it's not great but it's not bad and if I hadn't been complaining about chest pains, she would have sent me home. Bottom line, she told me that my EKG is what it is for me and that any change from previous EKGs is what she's looking for. 

    Bypass surgery is a real scare but it does get better with time. Cardiac rehab will be a big boost to his recovery and improvement.

    Good luck!


  • Sandy2121
    Sandy2121, January 15,  2020  8:52pm EST

    Thank you so much for your comment. It helps hearing from people who have actually gone through this. 💕

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