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Toni1231, September 2,  2019  12:33pm EST

Daughter at 22 has AVNRT & SVT

HI- i just joined your site today- looking for some support for my daughter and realized I could use some too. I'm still in shock that this has happened to her at such a young age. She had ablation done but her av node is too close together .  If medicine doesnt work (currently she is taking two meds) then she would need a pacemaker. My biggest wish is to help her realize she can still live a happy healthy fulfilling life- thanks for listening :) Anntoinette

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, September 3,  2019  7:59pm EST

    Hi Anntoinette,

    So sorry to hear this but you are right that she can live a happy healthy fulfilling life. Treatment for heart conditions are getting better and better as the technology constantly improves. I had quintuple bypass surgery almost eight years ago and today I feel great! My condition would probably have left me with little hope 30 or 40 years ago. Today the treatment is almost routine. My cardiologist has consistently told me about the amazing improvements in surgical procedures, medications, diagnosees...etc. Even some of the devices used for treatment, such as pacemakers, have gotten smaller and better at the same time. And there are always new treatments being researched so who knows where we'll be in just a few short years. I would recommend that you keep an open conversation going with her cardiologist. Ask a lot of questions and ask them to explain anything you don't understand. I have often asked my cardiologist what some of the numbers mean in my test results and she will usually respond with a very thorough answer. Also ask about cardiac rehab. This will give her a boost both emotionally and physically. I can't emphasize that enough! 

    I wish you and her all the best in her treatment and recovery.


  • Toni1231
    Toni1231, September 4,  2019  6:51am EST

    Thank You James for your kind words and insight!  I'm very happy to hear your health has improved and you are right about technology.  Thank you for the optimistic reminders- this is the perfect time to place them at the forefront of my mind.:) Wishing you continued wellness!! Anntoinette

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