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mmbuthiah, January 10,  2019  4:09am EST


My close friend Dennis Chesogo Mukongo 29 year old gentleman, Kenyan, developed heart valvular disease in 2008. He is an orphan since the orphan home was unable to raise money to take him for specialized surgeon as the operation is very expensive as the home orphanage has more orphans.  As friends and close family members we started a social group for Dennis medical care, moral and ‘small’ financial contributions to support his life as the heart valvular disease has brought complications to his liver.

I write here to seek help for a friend from any organization, medical hospital or person who can sponsor or support Dennis to undergo the medical operation/ surgery ONLY and give him second chance to live. Thank you and God bless you all.

4 Replies
  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 14,  2019  8:46am EST

    I am so sorry that your friend is having to experience this, however, I do need to let you know that we are unable to allow fundraising of any kind on the Support Network. This means that I must remove the link to the Covenant Home information in your post. However, if you can share where he is, I can try and research financial assistance options for you. 
    Thank you, Katie Bahn, Community Manager

  • mmbuthiah
    mmbuthiah, January 15,  2019  4:44am EST

    Thank you very much Madam Katie & God bless you. I stand guided by you and the Community rules. My heart is at pain on how I can assist Dennis Chesogo Mukongo & maybe out of this went out of context. I thought by including the orphan home where he has been brought up will brings in accountability & transparency. I am seeking operation support to correct the heart valve ONLY and not any financial aid to the patient or the orphan home.Dennis Chesogo Mukongo is in Kisumu, Kenya.

    Again thank you & God bless.

  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, January 15,  2019  9:06am EST

    OH! My apologies for misreading. What does operation support mean? Does he a doctor and a facility already engaged or is that what you are looking for? I am sorry for not 100 percent understanding what is needed here. Best Katie 

  • mmbuthiah
    mmbuthiah, January 15,  2019  11:18am EST

    I mean am kindly looking for any person, hospital or organization which can help pay the sugery bill ONLY to correct Dennis heart valve. 

    Thank you & hope I am clear Madam Katie.

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