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Kcrews4826, January 26,  2020  8:04pm EST


My husband has chf. His heart is at 25%. It started him not breathing right day after Thanksgiving er.  Had 2 steins. Then week later a defibrillater and pacemaker. Still not much better had a heart cath right side of heart not working and bottom also. Can't do anything so meds only. He is depressed because he can't cope with not being able to do like he used too. He got disability. But the pressure is on me. I miss us. He is on a c-pap also. I worry constantly. He won't eat right, walk like dr said. I miss him. I am lonely. There is no life in us anymore. I am not being selfish. I love my husband a lot. What do you do? He won't talk about it. I finally got him to put our motorcycle up for sale and that was a fight to do. He still wanted us to ride. What if the defibrillater went off! My nerves can't take it any longer. Just want it back the way we use to be.

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, January 27,  2020  3:27pm EST

    Have you considered counseling? This can be essential for heart patients going through the recovery phase. Therapists can identify areas that you may not have thought of as a patient. In my case, they helped me reduce the stress in my life which I attribute as the underlying cause of my disease. His depression is also keeping him from doing some of the things that are important in helping him recover such as walking. This type of exercise is very helpful in helping the heart and will also help him mentally. Also look into cardiac rehab. This too will have very positive effects on him both physically and mentally. 

    I wish you both well in his continued recovery.


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