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Darcie2020, February 10,  2020  1:27pm EST

Caregiver Heart

Hi, My husband is 59 years old. Close to 2 years ago I noticed him getting out of breathe easily. He was napping, which he has not done in the 25 years we have been together. His legs were aching and getting tired with walking. He does have a bad back and neck so he was blaming everything on that. He finally agreed to go see a heart doctor. His stress test came out fine but his echo did not. The doc first said the echo was showing he has an ef of 35%. I went into a bit of a panic. She then said the ef may be a 40 or 45%. My husband is a bigger man and she said the echo was not real clear. So....I'm really not sure where his ef is but it doesn't sound good to me. He has had high pb for years and has been on meds. She changed 1 pb med and sent us on our way and we will see her again in 3 months. He has not had a heart attack or stoke or an blockages. Google is showing us 50% of people with 35% or lower pass within 5 years. I'm looking for some incouragement. Thank you all, and I wish everyone of you well.

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  • JamesPL
    JamesPL, February 11,  2020  5:41pm EST

    Hi Darcie,

    Second opinion is not a bad idea but I've always encouraged this at times when someone is apparently not happy with their current doctor and not so much the results. I would ask many questions. I know you said there are no blockages but perhaps digging deeper would be helpful. When I was first examined, I only got a stress test because I had complained of chest pains. Otherwise I would have been sent home. The stress test revealed a potential blockage which was confirmed with a catheterization. It's good that he hasn't had a heart attack and further testing could pinpoint a diagnosis. You may have to press them a little.

    Wishing you both all the best!


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