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Georgeaz, July 30,  2020  2:19pm EST

caregiver for stroke patient

I'm new to this site and am having issues with my wife who had a stroke at the end of jan.2020. she is in her late 60's and a very stubborn person and when frustrated she'll yell and the explitives are clear as a bell. she has most of her mobility, but speech/communicating is extremely difficult. i get just as frustrated and sometimes with my own short fuse will get a little loud too. all the while i try to keep my cool. she was hospitalized for 10 days then rehab for 12 days and they said they couldn't any more for her, not a good arguement to boot her out, in my opinion. So i brought her home and things did improve for awhile, we would take morning walks and have breakfast lunch and dinners at normal times for us. then the weather turned hot and all that stopped, and now she's in sundowners mode. Up all nite slleps during the day. We live in Arizona, so the heat gets really up there during the summer. i've spent the last several months reading/researching what and how to do things that I am now looking to hire a part time caregiver to give me a break and possibly a fresh perspective for my wife. Somebody different might (or i hope) will get some different/better results. I think this might help, I can only hope and pray. thanks for letting me vent a little


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  • AHAASAKatie
    AHAASAKatie, July 31,  2020  9:15am EST

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I have a few great resources for you and I know our members will be able to share their experiences as well. 

    We offer a Stroke Family Warm Line that will allow you to talk to a Stroke Association team member who can provide support, helpful information, or just a listening ear.

    We also have a lot of resources for family caregivers. 

    And I am going to share my most favorite article regarding caregiving. Please take a few minutes and hop over to Huffington Post and read this article on When Caregivers are Honest it Makes Folks Very Uncomfortable. 

    I also commend you on finding someone to help with your wife. Even just a few hours a day of respite could help you both tremendously. 

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you. 

    Best Katie

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