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Support Groups

Support groups bring together people who have experienced cardiovascular disease or stroke. Members often share experiences and advice to help themselves and other survivors create meaningful
lives after cardiovascular disease or stroke.

Starting a group requires a lot of work, but the payoff is tremendous satisfaction from helping stroke families rebuild their lives.

The best way to lessen the workload is to get others involved from the start. Sharing will make getting organized easier and instill a sense of ownership in the group. Laying a strong foundation from the beginning has long-term benefits such as dedicated members, widespread publicity and committed leaders.

Start by contacting survivors, family members and healthcare professionals for guidance and ideas. Ask for names of people that might be interested. Once you find two or three interested people, you are ready to take the next steps.

Steps To Becoming A Support Group Leader

1. Download and review the Support Group Leader’s Introduction Presentation

2. Download and review the Support Group Leaders Training Manual

3. Contact your local American Heart Association/American Stroke Association office and let them know you are starting a support group

4. Use any of the suggested meeting agendas to get your meetings started

Volunteer with AHA

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