Magazines For Patients & Their Families

Imagine you or someone you love is diagnosed with high blood pressure. Or that you just found out you need an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. Or you’ve had a stroke.  

Regardless of the scenario, when an individual receives a diagnosis or experiences a stroke or heart-related event, content designed to raise awareness about a given health issue is no longer enough. A greater depth of knowledge about what it means to have and manage a condition (or conditions) and what the conditions mean to other aspects of their health is necessary. And they need to understand how other people – like themselves – are managing the same things. They need the perfect combination of knowledge, hope and inspiration to manage and improve their health. They need tips for navigating their recovery and learning how to continue to lead valuable, quality lives. 


The AHA/ASA’s patient-targeted periodicals offer just that. Our Heart Insight and Stroke Connection magazines educate and support those who live daily with the burden of managing one or more cardiovascular health conditions helping them gather the power, strength, guidance and personal connections necessary to live healthier, quality lives. 

For many years, Stroke Connection & Heart Insight magazines have been the award-winning voice of support, information and inspiration for a vast community of stroke survivors and heart patients and their families.
 Now offered exclusively as digital publications, Stroke Connection Heart Insight are available virtually everywhere. With new desktop digital editions and FREE apps for smartphones, tablets and Kindle Fire — you can have either or both with you wherever you are. Or if you prefer, you can enjoy the same great articles on each magazine’s website.
Both Heart Insight & Stroke Connection are free and published four times per year. When you sign up for either with your email address, you'll receive notification of new issues via each magazine’s monthly e-newsletter companion as well as great information every month between.

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