Bill Chichenoff – Cardiac Rehab Rockstars: Day by Day

6cb392932aef623254e20a8193fb76ea-huge-mrBill is a semi-retired remodeling contractor whose interests include the outdoors, travel, scuba and tourist activities with his lovely wife, Maria. Bill's new moto after his heart attack is "Whatever doesn't kill me makes me stranger" as life seems to require a few odd adjustments post heart attack for him.
Bill began his cardiac rehab sessions in February 2017. Here are a few things he has learned and shared to help others know what to expect:
This last week I started rehab . The first thing that we did was established a baseline of my current health. Measurements, weight, blood pressure and EKG were taken and recorded. Paperwork was completed. I walked in a measured hall for six minutes and calculations were made for my metabolic equivalent (MET). This took about one hour.
Today’s rehab was all me on a treadmill trying to stay at level 11 - 12 on the how hard is it scale. I had the treadmill going at 3.5 to 4 mph and the incline at between 0 - 15. My blood pressure was taken before, during and after. I logged about 2.7 miles today in 52 minutes. I was able to stay under the recommended heart rate but needed more than five minutes for cool down. It felt really good to work out today.
We had three people graduate from rehab today. They agreed to share their progress. All of the graduates lost body fat and increased muscle mass. It seemed that the rehab did change them physically and mentally. All of the graduates plan to continue to exercise and have established diets that are healthy. It was good to see others who had heart problems getting stronger and better.  
Today was session 6. After having my vitals checked and hooking up to the heart monitor I used the treadmill. I did manage to walk just over 3 miles in 48 minutes and proceeded with my cool down. My beginning heart rate and blood pressure were very close to my after cool down heart rate and blood pressure which is good.
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Posted by AHA/ASA Katie Bahn on Apr 19, 2017 10:17 AM CDT


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