Kimberly Goodloe - How Traveling After My Diagnosis Changed Me

Kimberly Goodloe is a Heart Valve Ambassador for the American Heart Association. She had her aortic valve replaced at age 42 and now is passionate about educating others. Learn more about her work on her website.
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I traveled to Washington D.C in April 2013 to attend the American Heart Association’s You’re The Cure Lobby Day On the Hill and the Medical Research Rally. It was the first trip that took place after my heart valve replacement and  pace maker surgeries. I consulted with my cardiologist before my trip.  During the flight, I made a request for an aisle seat so I would be able to stretch my legs. I stuck to a healthy diet while on vacation by staying focused and sticking to my daily routine.848e216f2005fbc381af3b7a5ff3f0b9-huge-kg
What did I learn from flying after my heart valve replacement and pace maker surgeries? That it’s important to pay attention to my body. I can relax , travel without fear or anxiety and have fun. I’m so thankful for the medical advice my cardiologist shared with me. Keeping the lines of communication open with my doctor has been a part of the healing process. I encourage any patient to contact your doctor before you travel.
The fight against heart disease continues and I remain committed to sharing my story of triumph and healing, advocating for the uninsured, raising funds for medical research, promoting awareness, providing community resources  and helping patients maintain a positive outlook on life.

I’d also like to share words of encouragement: pray daily, focus on your blessings, reach out to your family, friends and medical team for support, and never, never give up.

Tell us: What advice did your healthcare provider give you before traveling?
Posted by AHA/ASA Katie Bahn on Jun 22, 2016 7:42 AM CDT

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